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Fair Automation: Online Fair for Industiral Automation Manufacturers

If you’re looking for online portals to the best industrial automation sold by the best dealers available, you’ll quickly notice that you have an overwhelming amount of portals to choose from.

While all of these and more offer a variety of options at competitive prices, they don’t tend to differentiate between the different kinds of products there are within specific categories – for example, most sites will list actuators in their catalogs, but there’s no option to specify whether you’re looking for electric actuators, electric linear actuators or piezoelectric actuators.

To bring this type of convenient searching to the industrial automation, Fair Automation is leading the way for consumers and sellers alike to have an all-inclusive, specific and easy-to-use website where they can buy and sell every kind of industrial automation part you could imagine.

On their website, Fair Automation declares that its main goal is, “to create a stable connection between OEM - original equipment manufacturers from automation industries with as many potential customers as possible.” They want to make it easier for companies that create their own products to get those products out there to as many customers as possible.

This is a bold move that’s likely to prove useful and generate praise from the industrial automation community worldwide, since it can be difficult for smaller manufacturers to get their products sold by major distributors.

Not only will Fair Automation allow manufacturers to bypass this difficult aspect of their brand promotion, it will help customers get faster access to them and the exact parts that they’re looking for, with their very handy use of tags that differentiates between the various kinds of parts within a category.

Whether you’re looking for drives and transmissions, valves, sensors, or industrial PC and screen technology, you’ll be able to find everything you need right from Fair Automation. What’s more, you won’t have to spend so much time sifting through page after page to find the exact type of product you’re looking for. This makes it much easier for buyers and sellers alike to do business, and that’s a commendable effort from Fair Automation.

The only real “downside” to this website is the fact that much of it, as of now, is relatively empty – but this is only because they’ve recently begun their campaign to bring you this innovative system, and are consistently working to bring more manufacturers on board. It’s apparent that this is a website that could generate some serious traffic once it has more involvement from companies and consumers, especially once the manufacturers are organized by the tabs, which are one of the best features.

Fair Automation has created a system with wonderful potential that, once more companies become involved, could create a paradigm shift in the way auto parts are bought and sold online.

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