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Failure of ObamaCare: It’s NOT about the website. It’s about the policy.

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Healthcare lies and more lies

When Barak Obama tells the public he’s sorry he “fumbled” on ObamaCare, this is the kind of typical, expected response of a lawyer who apparently believes everything can be reduced to some kind of jocular preacher sales slogan or lawyer/sports metaphor.

The reality is that Obama flat out lied to the American public about ObamaCare from the start.

He lied that it would be an optional policy for American citizens to choose or not to choose when he ran for President in 2008. And he lied about pre-existing health insurance coverages being honored by insurance companies after the installation of this universal healthcare insurance system.

“No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people… If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” Barak Obama, June 15, 2009

And he has lied that a corporate controlled ("free market") universal healthcare insurance will reduce healthcare costs and decrease the public’s rising ill health, when in fact a corporate controlled healthcare insurance system, that continues to ignore the ever increasing saturation of the market with ever increasing biologically hazardous products, can only ensure increased sickness in the population and increased healthcare costs.

(See also: ““The Affordable Care Act: a fraud to allow the public to become increasingly sick”

But all these lies of the so-called benefits of ObamaCare should not be surprising.

Apparently, conveniently forgotten by the American public, and by Obama’s cheerleading mass media supporters, is that the ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act was WRITTEN BY the billion-dollar profiting healthcare insurance companies, and the billion-dollar profiting pharmaceutical industry. And they didn’t write it to magnanimously help the failing U.S. public’s health. They wrote it to make sure they would continue to exploit the public’s ill health, by continuing to reap their billion in dollars in yearly profits off the public's health.

Perhaps the public has also forgotten the basic working principles of insurance companies— and healthcare insurance companies in particular.

Healthcare insurance companies don’t make billions of dollars in yearly profits by paying out healthcare claims. They make their money by selling insurance policies and raising premiums, and fighting healthcare claims. Sure, the public will get its healthcare coverage. But at what cost?

And that healthcare coverage will still have no impact on reducing the public’s increasing ill health, or on reducing the continually rising healthcare costs that are skyrocketing into the multi-trillion dollar-a-year range, since the overwhelmingly cause of ill health is the chronic over-exposure of the public to biologically hazardous industry commercial products— and not whether the public has healthcare coverage or not, so that conventional healthcare can attempt to ineffectually deal with problems after the preventable damage is already done.

The reality both Democrats and Republicans refuse to admit to the public is that the only honest— and productive— way to cover basic healthcare costs is to install a “Medicare for all” plan, which is funded by the U.S. government, and not private enterprise (while at the same time installing strict product safety regulations for those industry products that are continuing to undermine the public’s health.)

The incentives behind who is funding healthcare insurance is the crux of the problem.

For anyone who actually cares about health, and healthcare— and is not just complacent to parrot and support the frauds and the fraudulent policies handed down by one corrupt Washington politician after another— they should read a simply written, short article by Dr. Margeret Flowers— who is currently the Congressional Fellow of Physicians for a National Health Program— “Why ObamaCare Will Fail to Solve Our Health Care Crisis” at , and a short, half-page, overview of her extremely straightforward and common sense analysis on healthcare: “Dr. Margaret Flowers on Medicare for All” on Bill Moyers Journal at

IF the U.S. government would take on the responsibility of providing essential healthcare insurance coverage to all Americans, it would have to do the one thing that it has avoided doing for the last several decade— act responsibly for its citizens that ultimately support it.

Because if the U.S. government were responsible for providing national healthcare insurance (and not allocating the responsibility to private healthcare insurance companies whose motivations are for profit), then, and only then, would the government have a direct incentive to reduce healthcare costs, and not to continue to ignore them, as it currently does.

And to reduce healthcare costs, the government would have to start responsibly regulating, for safety, a vast litany of biologically hazardous industry products that are currently unregulated for safety, and which are subsequently creating the lion’s share of chronic illnesses, fetal abnormalities, and cancers among the public.

And to do that, the regulatory system in this county— the FDA, EPA, etc.— is going to have to be restructured to remove both corporate and political corruption, which directly corrupts regulatory safety policies and decisions at the source of the problem— before products are released into he market, and as a result, continues to place the public’s safety and health at risk.

And to start to do that, the public is going to have to begin to seriously organize itself outside the government, in a broad coalition that has one clear focus— to de-corrupt the U.S. regulatory system. Because our currently corporate-corrupted regulatory system is at the starting point for the development of all the major problems now affecting the general population— from its health to its economic security.

And to do this, the public, organized outside of Washington, is going to have to use pressure tactics for changes in the regulatory system— by lawsuits and other civil actions. Because these critically needed changes will NEVER occur by the politicians in Washington, since the politicians and their corporate financial supporters benefit from the present corrupted regulatory system.

For a more detailed look at changing the regulatory system, and the public’s need to organize outside the government to accomplish this, see: “Antibiotic Misuse, Parts 3 and Part 4: Fixing the Corrupt U.S. Regulatory System” at: and

Meanwhile, the reality is that the U.S. government and its politicians— Democrat and Republican— have no interest in keeping the public healthy and reducing healthcare costs (despite their grandiose speechmaking to the contrary), if that process in any way puts a constraint on the free market profits of the companies that are currently flooding the market with non-regulated, and increasingly hazardous, high-tech industry products— from cell phones and other wireless devices and antenna delivery systems, to genetic modified pharmaceutical drugs and foods, etc.

Because a consistent and dependable cut of those $billions in corporate generated profits from the sale and use of these increasingly hazardous high-tech products are being funneled back into bankrolling Democrat and Republican political careers— to keep the present system running smoothly for a corporate "free market" profit agenda, which has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the public’s health, or their economic security.

How free market “progressive” policies really work

Now, existing healthcare insurance policies are being cancelled, despite Obama having specifically assured Americans that their existing policies would be honored when ObamaCare became law. These policies have been cancelled by their insurance carriers because they allegedly did not meet the “new standards.” That is the alleged reason. The real reason is that the ObamaCare law has allowed, already multi-billion-dollar profiting, health insurance companies to further capitalize on windfalls profits opened up by ObamaCare— by more than doubling their insurance rates.

And doubling insurance rates for the most economically challenged segment of the population that can least afford to pay such high premiums.

But this is how Obama-supported free market economic policies work.

Force out old policies, or products, by fraudulently rewriting the laws, or by suppressing the real causes of the problem (that will in any way identify the problem as corporate created, or which will in any way cut into corporate profits as a result of benefiting the public’s health or economic security).

Then force the public to accept new policies or products to sustain the corruption that has caused the problem from the start, and which will only continue to sustain the problem into the future.

Then sell the public the fraud that the changes are really designed to help them, when the only ones they are designed to help are the corporations and industries that are capitalizing on the changes, the Wall Street investors who are making a fortune on the new investments, and the politicians whose political campaigns and careers are bankrolled by the corporations and Wall Street investments.

The exact same pattern of events was seen in the recent replacement of perfectly functioning, completely biologically safe, and completely energy draining insignificant standard incandescent light bulbs (regular light bulbs).

First, the government, backed by corporate-aligned, free market promoting, “public interest” environmental groups, had to fraudulently label standard incandescent light bulbs as being a significant cause of global warming. Just as ObamaCare had to label a lack of healthcare insurance as being the alleged cause of the public’s outrageous and increasingly ill health. Both flat out lies.

A lack of healthcare insurance does not cause poor health. A lack of responsible product safety regulations does. See: “The Affordable Care Act: a fraud to allow the public to become increasingly sick”

And likewise, global warming has nothing to do with light bulb use. But actually has everything to do with the massive electrical energy drain of high-tech electronics products, in their production and use, which require huge outlays of electrical energy. Electrical energy which is overwhelming supplied by coal-burning power plants, which then emit tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, to increase global warming conditions. See also: Fraud: Regular light bulbs CAUSE global warming (CFLs PREVENT IT) part 1”

Once the baseline lie about light bulbs, of allegedly being a significant factor in global warming, could be firmly established— by millions of dollars spent in public relations campaigns— only then could further lies and distortions and profits by capitalized and built upon it.

Namely, now billions of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), costing over 10 to 20 times that of a standard incandescent (regular) bulb could be flooded into the market.

And beyond the global warming light bulb impact fraud, what also had to be distorted were the energy saving claims of these CFLs during use, and during production, which are at least 6 times to 16 times more energy draining to produce than regular light bulbs, which are now “legally” banned. While in normal use, CFL energy efficiency is, at best, only one third that which has been falsely advertised by the media, by the lighting and energy industries, by the U.S. regulatory agencies, by politicians, by “public interest” environmental groups, and by a wide-range of misinformed celebrities.

And once the energy distortion lies were in place, the suppression of the health hazards of CFLs could be then added, or simply ignored as if they didn’t exist.

Such as suppressing the fact that CFLs emit 150 to 500 times the safety level of mercury vapor if broken within a place of residence or work, as admitted by the U.S. EPA and CDC. And this level of mercury vapor— the most hazardous form of mercury— which is absorbed 80 to 100% directly into the bloodstream from the lungs, is capable of being transported to nearly every cell in the body, and across every barrier— including the blood brain barrier to affect the brain, and the blood-placental barrier to affect the developing fetus.

See also: Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Health Hazards, Pt 1: Mercury Vapor”

In addition to the mercury vapor hazard, what also had to be suppressed where the additional multiple health hazards linked to these bulbs, while in normal use.

These include emissions of hazardous elevated levels of UVC radiation, hazardous elevated levels of blue wavelength light radiation that depresses melatonin levels when CFLs are used at night, increasing the risk of multiple types of cancers, and hazardous emissions of elevated levels of multiple forms of manmade electromagnetic radiation, emitted directly from the bulbs, as well as indirectly (as dirty electricity) from the wiring connected to the bulbs. Levels of manmade EMR exposures that have for decades been linked to multiple forms of chronic disease conditions, from diabetes to multiple sclerosis, to cancers, to fetal abnormalities, to a host of neurological disorders.

See also: Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Health Hazards, The UVC Hazard, Pt 2 and Media-reported CLF debate pointedly ignores serious health risks”

And NONE of these health hazards— NOT ONE— are associated with normal, regular, standard incandescent light bulb use. These simply designed and highly effect light bulbs, which have been around since the start of the 20th century, were, in reality, banned because they are old fashioned, cheap, and safe— and subsequently could not be exploited for profit by the lighting industry, and because they served as a convenient scapegoat and cover for the real high-tech culprits of global warming.

So despite the much-enthused, Obama-supported, ban on standard incandescent light bulbs, global warming will continue, unchecked.

The only accomplishment of the standard incandescent light bulb ban is the public will be exposed to one more hazardous product that will add one more adverse impact on their health, the lighting industry will make $billions more in profits on an essential utility, and the government and the “public interest” environmental groups (who are heavily supportive of all high-tech, free market profit options, regardless of the adverse health impacts on the public) can pretend to have done something about the global warming problem.

The exact same kind of results will occur with healthcare costs and increased ill health among the public, which will continue to soar while Obama and his Democrat cheerleaders and media supporters can pretend that ObamaCare will make the public healthier and reduce the costs of healthcare.

The current failure of Obamacare is not about whether the insurance marketplace website is correctly working or not. It’s about a FAILED POLICY, and a failed application of that policy that values neatly working databases and websites over human interaction, experience and knowledge, and the reality of what actually causes illnesses in human beings.

Websites may be convenient for lawyers and economist and politicians who are looking for the fastest and easiest way to corral 300 million people to do what they’d like them to do, whether those 300 million want to do their bidding or not. But websites and fill-in-the-blank decision making have not, and never will, gain the acceptance of a majority of the public who are far smarter and far more informed than the vast majority of arrogant politicians who dismiss them, the grossly misinformed media talking heads who know virtually nothing about human health and only pass along the corporate accepted analysis of the subject, and the endless parade of celebrities, who, because of their celebrity, apparently feel they are suddenly endowed with knowledge and intellect to pass on to the public that they never possessed before their celebrity.


Obama promotes increased minimum wages, yet saddles the very same low wage earners with oppressive healthcare costs— by forcing them to pay for healthcare insurance rates starting at $150 to $200 a month— so that Obama can protect the corporate profits for non-regulated products that are causing the majority of the mass sickness in the population, and which are the root cause of the continually escalating U.S. healthcare costs, and whose profits bankroll his political career.

Obama’s failing is not the failure of his website, it his arrogance on subjects of which he knows nothing about, such as healthcare, coupled with his desire to allegedly please everyone— an impossibility in and of itself.

While Obama’s weak, visionless, “consensus” style of governing only continues to fail the public, over and over again.

The only thing Obama’s kind of incompetent style of governing accomplishes is to sustain the already established, corporate-dominated, status quo arrangement that was there from the start.

And it only succeeds in giving Obama, and the rest of the sleepwalking nation that supports it, the false illusion that something of value is being done. When in reality, nothing of value is being done, because inherently incompetent political policies and plans that avoid the cause of problems, and continue to pander to corporate profit agendas— like ObamaCare— only end up making their creators look good at the expense of the public’s welfare and security.

The most important struggle in the 21st century is no longer the 20th century social problems of race, or women’s rights, or youth or gay/lesbian inequities of one stripe or another that Obama exploited to get elected. And which politicians, celebrities, myopically-focused special interest groups and the media would like the public to continue to focus on to continue to distract them from the real, and very serious, problems of today, which center around the public’s health and its economic security.

The most important struggle in the 21st century crosses all social problems, and is the clear and straightforward dividing line between the corporate interest and the public interest.

And at this point in the evolution of America’s democracy you are either for the corporation and its agenda of progressive deregulation for maximum profit and Wall Street earnings— couched as an excuse to sustain a no longer sustainable, or even relevant, free market economic theory and application— or you are against it— to install responsible regulations to protect and sustain responsible public economic security and the public’s health and safety.

Corporate and public agendas cannot work together, because their agendas fundamentally work against one another— one being a desire for non-ending profit, the other being a necessity for survival.

But Obama, like virtually every other current politician in Washington, wants to walk both sides of this corporate-versus-public interest dividing line. And pretend in the public relations fantasy of some kind of non-existent “win-win” solutions that exist nowhere in life but in the minds and writings of corporate-bankrolled public relations writers.

As a result, Obama’s free market polices— with ObamaCare front and center— can only fail the American public— the public Barak Obama has claimed he was voted in to represent.

In the end, Barak Obama will likely fix his precious “website”— which is nothing more than a distraction for its underlying healthcare policy that is fundamentally flawed.

But what Obama cannot fix is the incompetence he has wreaked over the course of two administrations from a fundamental lack of understanding, or caring, of real sustainability and all its ramification, from health to economics. Which begins with, and can only be sustained by, an economic foundation that prioritizes the biological safety of products from the start, and then builds up a real, sustainable economic plan up from this stable foundation.

As opposed to a continuation of a free market, corporate-beneficial, economic plan that continues to saturate the market with increasingly hazardous high-tech products, while additionally undermining the public’s economic opportunities through corporate and Wall Street profit agendas that look only to immediate, short-term, profit potentials, and not the security and stability of the American public and its society.

As a result, Obama’s continually, corporate-compromised, “pro-public” leadership has only resulted in sustaining corporate greed and corruption, which continues to mask itself as a “justifiable” free market economic agenda, and as a justification of America’s past economic glories, which will somehow magically return, because that is, allegedly, just the nature of the ebb and flow of economics.

The American public had better get it

This free market fraud and its accompanying, multiple, domino ramifications undermining the stability of the society— from economics to health— is the major fraud the public is paying for, and will continue to pay for until the public decides to do something about it.

Because only the public can do something about it. And can only start doing something about it by withholding its vote for Democrat and Republican candidates who continue to sustain and support the status quo/corporate controlled arrangement in government policies. And by organizing outside the Democratic/Republican system— which is now corrupted beyond repair by decades of ever increasing corporate influence, and is beyond the ability to create any substantial or sustainable future policies in the best interest of the American public.

See also: “Antibiotic Misuse, Part 4: Fixing the Corrupt U.S. Regulatory System”



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