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Failure for England at the World Cup

England Flag
England Flag
Photo by Miles Willis

After England National Team coach Roy Hodgson announced a youthful World Cup squad, many presumed that England would go far in the World Cup in Brazil even though they were drawn in a very tough group.

During the first game of the famous tournament England was defeated by Italy in a game in which England played very poorly. So poor that Italian midfielder Andres Pirlo stated that the only threat Italy faced in the game was from teenage wonder kid Raheem Sterling.

This defeat had put the English team on the edge as the Uruguay match would be a must win for Three Lions. Hodgson had promised the fans that England would go on the attack from the start of the match, and they for the most part did. However, the Copa America winners also came at the English. The game resulted in yet another defeat to England as the star player of Uruguay, Luis Suarez, scored two wonderful goals, while Rooney scored his first ever World Cup goal.

This second defeat put England out of the World Cup, short of some luck however England could have still made it. Had Italy beat both Uruguay and Costa Rica, and England beat Costa Rica. These events however didn't occur, as Uruguay and Costa Rica beat Italy while Costa Rica drew England in the final game.

With England out of yet another World Cup, many have demanded severe changes to commence within the England squad.

What must be done

First England head coach Roy Hodgson's future must be decided. Many fans have a divided view on the coach, with some wanting him to stay and and help the new generation of players. Others however, want him to be fired as the coach did not take England to the next stages of the World Cup due to very poor displays from the squad.

Another issue that must be discussed is, whether or not England Captain Steven Gerrard should continue to play for England. While this is Gerrard's decision the player himself should not be allowed back in the side. As England must make use of the young talent at there disposal.

Lastly, the continuous drought of trophies is something that must be addressed. As from the way the team plays, one may assume that the players simply just don't want it that much. If one looks at the Germans, they played a side full of young stars, and they also played with a lot of passion and heart. These qualities are lacked in the English National Team, however these can be taught and with these qualities England can go on to win many trophies in the future.

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