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Failing to plan is planning to fail... especially when you low carb

Temptations will always be there
Temptations will always be there...just waiting to derail you.
© Linda Duffy

The world is not low carb friendly. While that may change as new evidence shows the superior health benefits of a low carb diet, for now temptations abound. From restaurants, to the office, to the family dinner table, carbohydrate rich foods are the people's drug of choice.

Two low carb forum posters recently expressed their frustration. Jaida started a thread titled "How to Stick with Low Carb when Surrounded by Carb Fiends?" She stated that "My family is not going to go low carb with me as they don't have weight problems, so the carby foods are here to stay...How do I stay strong?" 

Poster Pinkelsie went on a full-fledged rant in another thread. "I get soooo frustrated with the DAILY food challenges I face. It seems that our food environment is so TOXIC in America, that I can't go one day without someone trying to shove sugar down my throat."

So what is a low carber to do? The only thing you can do. Plan ahead and pack a cooler.

I spent last weekend on a book club retreat with 5 skinny carb junkies in Dillon, CO. Had I not planned ahead I could have easily slipped in to a carb-fueled eating binge (followed by a carb-fueled coma). Since I have been on a carbohydrate restricted eating plan for 3 years and hanging out with this group for even longer, I knew what I was in for.

I baked a turkey breast a few days before, boiled up a bunch of quail eggs, bought some of my favorite snacks including mixed nuts and sliced veggies, and also threw anything else I thought I might need in to a collapsible cooler. While the rest of the women chowed down on French Toast casserole, I had rosemary baked turkey, cheese, quail eggs and snow peas. While they had bagels, I had steak and peppers. When they broke out the M&M's, I took out a bar of 77% cocoa dark chocolate. I did have a few chili cheese fritos along with my veggie platter during happy hour, but with all my good low carb food, a little taste did not lead me in to a serious binge.

When we went out to eat I also made good low carb choices. Instead of biscuits and gravy I had a large bowl of spicy green chili with pork. I did not eat the nachos. I had chicken wings with celery sticks and blue cheese. I was not tempted by the huge blueberry pancakes since I had a spinach, swiss and mushroom fritata with sliced tomato. Remember, many restaurants will let you make substitutions so don't be afraid to ask for a salad instead of fries or cottage cheese instead of hash browns.

Low carbing in a sugar-filled world can be hard, but it isn't impossible. It would be nice if these temptations weren't around and seemingly EVERYWHERE, but that just isn't the case. Don't plan for failure by ignoring reality and failing to make a plan. 

Leftover steak with red and orange peppers made a great breakfast.

The turkey baked ahead of time heated up well and went great with melted cheddar cheese.


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