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Failed surgery and a guardian's quest to give her dog a chance at life

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Update 5/23/14: The auction to help raise funds for Shadow begins on 5/23/14 and runs through May 31 at 6 p.m. (PST).

Years ago, a special dog named "Shadow" had a freak accident which left one of his legs with a horrible "spiral" break. Shadow underwent emergency surgery to repair the damage, and just one week later, the initial surgery failed and Shadow had to go under the knife again.

With the help of a stabilizer, wires and pins, and a bone marrow transplant - Shadow's bone finally held. To aid in his recovery, Shadow began extensive physical therapy, including massage, water therapy and special exercises.

Though the process was long, tedious and expensive, Shadow's loving guardian was happy to give her companion what he needed to recover.

For several years, the repair held - all that Shadow needed to enjoy a pain-free life was a bit of medication and love.

Tragically, this past July, something went terribly awry once again. Suddenly, Shadow stopped using his leg was easily apparent that he was in pain. A veterinary exam revealed that the pin that had kept Shadow's bone stable for years, had slipped.

Shadow's guardian, Rachel, explained the rarity of what happened to her dog, writing about what her veterinarian discovered, and recommended:

In all of her career she says that she has never seen another pin slip the way this one did and that he has severe arthritis due to all the scarring and surgery, and overall damage to the leg, which is to be expected. We have now done all possible avenues of non-surgical treatment from cold laser therapy to more physical therapy and nothing has helped alleviate his pain so now we are looking at a Stem Cell transplant which has the potential to be regenerative and really help with his pain and reverse the damage.

Rachel is unwilling to give up on the dog who has given her so much joy throughout the years and she is doing her utmost to raise the funds to get the procedure which will ease his suffering.

To help offset the expense of the procedure, Rachel is holding an online auction. She wrote about how people can help:

We are currently collecting donations of goods and services for an auction we are organizing to raise funds for shadows surgery. If you would like to donate goods or services please email me at

We have also set up a fundraising page where you can make donation directly and also pay for your auction goods (please also send an email to so that I can make sure to get your item to you as soon as possible)

Rachel sums up why she is doing so much for her best friend, stating:

I don't really have any family nearby and Shadow has been my rock and my family for years and I NEED to fight for him and return the favor he has given me.

Find Shadow's story on Facebook here.

Read more about Shadow at this link to his fundraiser.

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