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FAIL: ATF "gun running" hearing

So, if you hadn't heard about the ATF “running guns to Mexican drug cartels”, this story may be lost on you.

ATF checking guns at store
public domain

But if you have heard the admissions, seen the testimony of the whistle-blowers, or heard of how one of the guns they “ran” killed a Border Patrol officer and many others were used during other crimes; you should be able to see this for what it is.

An attempted false-flag terror attack carried out by the Federal government.

Attempted, not failed, yet. Because judging from the ballyhooing in the hearings, the ATF doesn't need to stop committing capital crimes, no. The American People need more laws restricting their ability to buy guns.

“No legitimate examination of this issue will be complete without analyzing our nation's gun laws. Which allow tens of thousands of assault weapons to flood into Mexico from the United States every year. Including .50 caliber sniper rifles, multiple AKA[sic] variants, and scores of others.” -Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland)

Obviously, this needs to be called-out.

The goal of “Operation Fast and Furious” was to get guns into Mexico. For those guns to commit violent crimes. And for CONgress to react with gun-grabbing measures. Check, check, and they're working on the last one.

But the stated purpose was to allow gun stores on the Mexican border to sell guns to “straw purchasers” to just track where they go. However, even at such a menial and seemingly simple task, they failed. Because they “lost” 1500-1800 weapons. Reading into their range, they have no idea how many are still floating around.

I have a feeling, the ATF likes it that way.

Keep in mind, it is extremely difficult and expensive for an American citizen to purchase a fully automatic assault weapon. But the ATF, from the top, thought it a good idea to make sure as many as those as possible got into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

And if you still “don't get” why a government would kill it's own people, please search: Reichstag fire. It is well documented, had horrible consequences, and a perfect example that they do.

...moving on.

During the course of the hearings, one note was consistent: U.S. guns are going to Mexico, and it's because of our laws.

Last year, Mexican President Calderone even scolded our Congress for not being tougher on American citizen's right to bear arms, basically blaming the millions of responsible American gun owners for the irresponsible criminals in his own country.

The kernel. The core, if you will:

Even when the entire reason for a hearing to take place is criminal actions by a “rogue” agency, it is decided that current laws aren't good enough.That those very same agencies need more laws in place to help them "do their job".

They want you to believe the real problem is all those freedoms you enjoy.

And that the answer is more restrictive laws. Wholly disregarding the “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW” part of the 2nd Amendment, and obscuring the real reason it is in place.

This couldn't be more deceptive nor demonstrative of the kind of people we are dealing with here.

The Feds would have you think that the “right to bear arms” was written so people could protect themselves from criminals. 'But we have police for that now, so all we need to do is take the guns from everyone else and gun crime could disappear.'


The “right to bear arms” was codified into the Bill of Rights mostly to protect an otherwise defenseless populace from a tyrannical government, as the Founders had just escaped.

The 2nd Amendment was written to discourage a despotic ruler from ever marching his troops through our streets. Because, the largest army on the continent would be the People themselves.

So, don't be fooled by these carpetbaggers. These robber barons. These con men.

Rights are like muscles, if you don't exercise them, they atrophy. -Anonymous

Go get a gun. And if you're in Colorado, even strap that thing to your hip (outside of Denver city limits).

You may not be able to do either very soon judging by the tone coming from the Hill.

UPDATE: The Hill is reporting that Darrell Issa (R-CA) released previously redacted emails that "detail the involvement of the head of the nation's firearms law enforcement agency" in a massive coverup with demonstrative falsehoods told in both letters sent to Congress and testimony presented in the hearings reported on above.


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