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Fail: 1 minute parking sign is found and replaced after 3 years

Ready for one minute parking? It might be something you'll need to prepare yourself in the future, but this is not something to worry about just yet. A traffic sign typo is going viral this weekend. The sign was found in California, and a snap shot taken by a reporter made the rounds on Reddit. From there, the news went national. The Los Angeles Times reported on this traffic sign oops on June 20.

One Minute parking sign goes viral.

Laura Davis is a staff writer with the Los Angeles Times, and she took a photo of the sign earlier this week. The photo went viral on Reddit, and one Reddit even sent the photo to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. A representative for that office confirmed the existence of this traffic sign, and it was reported that the replacement of the sign could take up to two weeks. The sign was taken down immediately after it was reported.

The replacement did not take that long though. When the sign went viral, a rush was put in place to replace the sign. Jonathan Hui, a representative with the Department of Transportation, shared the following about the sign, according to NBC News: "The sign was reported on Wednesday, June 18. We fabricated a new sign and replaced it today, June 20, around 11 a.m."

The discovery of this traffic sign did raise some questions. One question raised by people that saw the photo was just how long the sign had been in place? It was revealed that this sign was far from new. The sign was put up in front of 11777 San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood back in 2011. The view on Google Street View via Google Maps even has the sign visible. Photos on that service are rarely updated. Some photos are dated as far back as 2009.

There is no way of knowing if this traffic sign oops caused anyone to receive tickets. The one minute parking was supposed to be enforced between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m Monday through Saturday and between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. The sign was supposed to say one hour parking, and the new sign says that. Traffic is already an issue in Los Angeles, but this sign made things even more confusing for drivers.

Do you think one minute parking exists anywhere? It actually does. There is a real one minute parking sign located in Calgary. Police will enforce the sign too. If they receive a compaint about the parking spot, they can hand out a ticket. However, a representative for Calgary's city roads did admit in an interview that the sign "does seem a little bit silly."

How did this traffic sign not earn attention before now? This was definitely not a new sign. It had been in place for three years before the snap shot from one reporter earned it attention. Police had to see the sign. Other residents and business owners in the area had to notice it too. Why didn't someone place a call about the sign long before now? Did people in the area just accept the sign as law? That is probably the case.

At least, someone finally pointed the sign out. It didn't take two weeks to replace it either. The power of the Internet made things move a lot faster.

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