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Fado Irish Pub's 2-day St. Patrick's Day event: It's time to commit yourself!

Commit Yourself to the Institution
Commit Yourself to the Institution

Looking for the biggest bash around to celebrate the beloved St. Patrick in the semi-realistic way of the Irish, i.e. chugging a few pints? Then do not miss Fado Irish Pub’s Huge 2-Day St. Patrick’s Day Outdoor Party. Quite the name for quite the event! This pub, already awesome and Irish and proud to promote Irish public house traditions, is now on its 18th year of putting on a huge hurrah for ol’ Paddy. Even better, it is two days long, meaning that the tragedy of this holiday falling on a Monday will not be so painful (though Denver never seems to let that get in the way of a good party).

Fado calls themselves The St. Patrick's Day Institution, where they are committed and people come to "commit" themselves to the event. And it is completely true on many levels. Not just a funny advertising method, this chain of pubs, found in many major cities, is committed to providing a true Irish experience, sharing the passion for all things Irish and for Paddy's famous day, and according to their blog post on "The Five People You Meet on St. Patrick's Day", their committment means they revere the day and the time of year leading up to it.This is there turf, so you can expect that an event thrown by perhaps some of the most passionate hibernophiles (Irish fanatics) around will create some buzz.

At this year's huge 2-day, Saturday and Monday, block party event, Denver can expect everything from live Irish music, including The Clancy’s and The Indulgers; Irish step dancing, fully stocked bars, televised rugby matches, and much more! This is heaven on earth for those itching for some Irish craic (goodtimes) and shenanigans. Check out their website here to get the full scoop on activities and the schedules. Tickets are on sale now for $15 for the day or $20 for the 2-day pass. So it’s not too late! Get your tickets here and do not be left out!

For those in a Gemini mood, however, who need more choices for how to spend and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, because choosing from one option is really no choice and it's imperitive that the best choice is made, then check out the Irish Snug, Nallen’s Irish Pub, Maloney’s, google “St. Patrick’s Day in Lodo”, or go on a Jameson approved whiskey and beer crawl. Jameson is best if you are looking to find something stronger than green dye in your beer on a more low-key, but potentially equally as drunk inducing shamrock adventure (see link below).

Then again there are two days--or 3 for those folks that have already given up on being at work Monday morning—and Fado’s will be available either Saturday or Monday all day long. That means a lot of time to spread the love. So as Fado says, commit yourself, and as long as you are out proudly sporting your colors (green, if you don’t want to end up black and blue by the end of the day), then all is fair in downtown Denver on the day of green beer and blarney.

To all, have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day—Slainte! Cheers!