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Fado Irish Pub July 4th eve: Patriotic partying with an Irish twist


Bartenders at Fado Irish Pub sporting flashy red, white and blue shades

One would think that Denver might take it easy the night before July 4. After all, it’s a city that loves to capitalize on holiday debauchery, so it might want to rest up and prepare for the big day ahead. Not the case at Fado Irish Pub. The “Irish” part of the bar didn’t hinder any type of patriotic partying, as patron’s indulged like salmon. Wait, salmon? That’s right, as an old Irish toast goes:

“The health of the salmon to you:
A long life,
A full heart,
And a wet mouth.”

Fado is one of Denver’s largest Irish pubs and is notorious for it’s Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. Get more insider information on Fado here.

Fadó Denver, 1735 19th Street, 303-297-0066


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