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Fading pop tartlet tries to restore career with 'Angels Advocate' movie


Desperately seeking career relevancy
Image source: AP

Mariah Carey's career is in an awful downward spiral. However, she is hoping her new Angels Advocate movie will turn things around. Joining her in the production will be her son husband Nick Cannon, who plays Lucifer.

The plot of the film definitely sounds Oscar worthy! Mariah plays an angel who visits Hell and tries to convert Lucifer into becoming a good angel. Wow! It just sounds so brilliant. The script was probably written by Mariah while watching yet another one of her singles bomb.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis Mariah Carey fans (if there are actually any left) can soon pick up her "Angels Advocate" album at several Target locations in Indianapolis. Apparently, no other business that sells records would have anything to do with this disaster.

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  • D.S 5 years ago

    Why do you people hate this woman so much? Mariah Carey has sold millions and Todays strippers I mean singers Beyonce and That GaGa freak show will never surpass her. Pick on someone else. She has proven that she can comeback from anything.Also there are other artist who's recent albums flopped as well .. Lil Wayne ..Rhianna.. Mary J.Blige and there are a few more.

  • J.B. 5 years ago

    Who writes these lies? YOU DO. You're a complete an utter moron/idiot. Grow up and find something else to lie about because it makes no sense to spread lies. If you don't like her, then the only thing you are doing by writing this is giving her more fans. No one single person that likes Mariah Carey is going to read this and stop liking her/ buy her music. So be smart about it because the only thing you are doing is spreading her name around the internet and making her more successful.

  • . 5 years ago

    Sue Bergerstein is a hateful, dangerous Jew.

  • J.O 5 years ago

    Wow, you're an idiot Mariah Carey hater. What is wrong with you?!

  • effortless 5 years ago

    Mariah Carey is a fat pig. She's old now too. Everybody hates her. She should kill herself. I'll give her a gun.

  • H.A.T.E S.U.E 5 years ago

    U are nothing more then a ugly trashy looking whore of a PIG!!! you're soo jealous you can't even believe how ugly you are!! disapear off this earth already BITCH!

  • Sam B 5 years ago

    Sue don't let Mariah's lambs get to you. They are in desperate mode now that Mooo Mooo's career is in the slumper.

  • .. 5 years ago

    wow,u are such a hater! Jealous much? Mariah's career is actually doing very well so u can shove that! You will never have the type of voice she does,the money,the lifestyle,heck your probly not even married.

  • xoxox 5 years ago

    who gets payed to write this crap...
    get a life already

  • C.M.B. 5 years ago

    You are mean!! No matter what, everything you said is super uncalled for.

  • M 5 years ago

    Want to make up anymore S**t while your at it?

  • ;) 5 years ago

    wow, i never thought somebody could be such a bitter, nasty, skanky, bitch. You should have respect for such a successful icon. Seriously, go get some friends and stop trying to be like Perez Hilton because you're really not. Atleast Perez has respect for her being such an icon and isn't 100% skank :) Going number 3 in the US 200 really isn't a failing career.

  • Get A Nose Job Bitch 5 years ago

    Get A Nose Job Bitch, f u:ckin w:h:ore sl_ut Mariah is an icon and she's a millionaire hahaha

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This is really sad. I just thought who really would write this? If your going to slam someone you should have actual facts.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Mc isnt the best artist ever and she isnt the best looking but she did have a voice back in the early 90s but now her attitude over shadows her has been star talent

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