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Facts, lies and speculation on flight MH370

Have you seen this plane? Boeing 777-200ER please call 555-0094
Have you seen this plane? Boeing 777-200ER please call 555-0094
Photo by How Foo Yeen/Getty Images

There has been much written about the disappearance of Flight MH370. In order to cut thru the chaff verses the real the following may be helpful.

Facts: Flight MH370 with 227 passengers and a crew of 12 was a regularly scheduled flight from Kula Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing China for a total flight time of about six hours fifteen minutes. The plane was a 777produced by Boeing since 1995 and has an exemplary service record. This particular model was a 200ER variant, the ER representing Extra range. (777-200ER). Below is the time line of Flight MH370, all times are local. (-9 hours for EST)

12:41 Flight MH370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur international airport

12:45 Flt. MH370 appears on air traffic control radar

1:07 Flt MH370 leaves Malaysian airspace to be handed off to Ho Chi Minh City controllers in Vietnam. Plane responds to handoff with radio transmission of “All right good night”. ACAR system ceases transmission. This Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting system in use since 1978 and replaces mundane reporting of out of gate, off the ground, on the ground and into the gate. This was expanded to include information like weather, and plane status.

1:21 Transponder aboard Flt. MH370 shuts down. The transponder is responsible for transmitting data to flight controllers as to identify blips on radar screens. (Transponder)

1:22 Flt. MH370 should have reached way-point Igar point, the point when Vietnamese flight control should have picked up control. This doesn’t happen as expected.

1:30 Malaysian radar loses contact with Flt. MH370

1:38 Vietnam calls Kula Lumpur expressing concern that expected flight MH370 has not appeared or responded. Vietnam traffic control requests two other flights in the area to try to contact missing plane.

6:32 Kuala Lumpur request Flt. MH370 respond to calls

6:51 Ho Chi Minh requests Flt Mh370 respond.

8:11 Last communication with satellite from Flt. MH370, six hours and fifty minutes after disappearing from radar.

Lies: Most of the lies or disinformation has come directly from the Malaysian authorities. The first was the claim that Malaysian ground control had contact until 2:40 which was later revised to 1:20 to coincide with the transponder being turned off. The claim that the plane experienced a midair explosion or unknown emergency was also proven false. The background check on all passengers and crew to discount terrorism is now falling by the wayside. Malaysia has it’s reasons for trying to discount the terrorist theory’s since it is a Muslim country, the plane was under their control and politically correct or not in most people’s minds Muslim = terrorism. That also explains the Director of Civil aviation’s statement “There are some things I can tell you and others I cannot”. There have also been false reports of several debris fields found and even a Craig’s list ad since pulled for a Boeing 777 snacks included.

Theory’s: since no actual debris field has been found either the plane did not crash or it is further outside the search area than previously admitted. Comparing other sources of information the prevailing theory is a high jacking by one or more of the flight crew. A target on Malaysian radar in the area of Flt. MH370 showed a turn to the west and a climb to 45,000 feet followed shortly by a dive to 23,000 feet. Could this have been used to incapacitate the remaining passengers and crew? According to tables on time of useful consciousness the passengers would have had 9 to 15 seconds to respond and react. (TOUC) The oxygen masks at passenger seats are not part of the bottled oxygen and would tether them in place until it ran out. There have been reports of the plane then changing course again to a more northerly direction and flying below radar until all contact except the satellite pings was lost.

This leads back to the why of MH370. If it was a suicide by one of the crew why go to all the trouble? If the remaining passengers and crew are now dead taking the plane for ransom is out of the question. With the planning involved could the hijackers misjudged the fuel capacity and crashed, not likely. So the question remains, why? Either there is something on the plane worth 227 passengers and most of the crew or is it the plane itself. We have not heard the last of Flt. MH370 by a long shot.

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