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Facts about the Channel Catfish

Here are some pictures of what they look like and how big they get.
Here are some pictures of what they look like and how big they get.

When you think about catfish your thinking about dinner time,but you must know about the fish your eatting! The channel catfishs scientific name is Ictalurus Punctatus it means “Fish cat.” In Latin. Also named Spotted cat,blue cat,fiddler,lady cat,chuckelhead cat and willow cat.

As adults they weigh around 1 to 15 pounds and can get to 12 to 24 inches long. They can live to up to 6 to 7 years but can live more then 20 years. They prefer to live where there is sand or gravel like lake or stream bottoms with very low current. They are bottom feeders, they like to eat insects,mollusks,crustaceans,fish and plant material.

Adults stay in deep water or larger pools during the day and move to shallows or near cover at night to feed. Channel catfish are like any other catfish with smooth,scaleless skin and barbels (“whiskers”) around the mouth. The channel catfish,like the blue catfish,has a deeply forked tail,but can be distinguished by having dark spots on its sides and an fin with a rounded edge.

Interesting facts

  • Spawn in late spring or early summer when water temperatures reach 75'F
  • Males select nest sites in dark secluded areas such as cavities in drift piles,logs,undercut banks and rocks.
  • Males guard the nest. Fry remain in the nest,guarded by the male,for about a week after they hatch. One of the most sought after fish in Missouri.
  • Established as the official Missouri state fish on May 23,1997

Channel fish is known for its tender and juicy meat, It is very good fried! So the next time you want some fish try to catch a catfish!

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