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Facts about September

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September is the ninth month of the year. It has 31 days and its birthstone is the blue sapphire. People who are born between September 1st and September 23rd fall under the zodiac sign of Virgo (the Virgin) and those who are born between September 24th and 30th are considered to be Libra (the Scales). Although September is now the ninth month, it used to be the seventh month—thus why “sept” is a terminology that often indicates the number seven.

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September is a month that is known for its good weather which tends to be cooling off from the intense heat of July and August. September is a time where summer turns to autumn (generally around the 23rd of the month) and the leaves, slowly, start to change colors (although this occurs in full between October and November). September is a time when flowers are still blooming and it is also a time when people might be able to get a few last chances to sunbathe on the beach. Hence, it is a month when a lot of people spend time out of doors.

Traditionally, most children went back to school at the start of September. However, recent trends of homeschooling and cyber schooling have started to change these demographics and now more youngsters are staying outdoors and engaging in activities like camping and surfing for longer than they were able to in the past. Although it is still too early to say how this will effect society in the long-term, September is not quite the same “back to school” month as it was merely a decade ago.

Americans celebrate Labor Day in September. It is a holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer and, like Memorial Day and 4th of July, it is celebrated mostly by barbequing, going to the beach or the pool and having backyard parties. American’s also use September as a promotion month for many causes. For example, September is National Chicken Month, National Rice Month, National Potato Month, and National All American Breakfast Month.