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Facts about private jets

Private jets are often regarded as being symbolic of wealth and luxury. Considered to be the transport of choice for CEOs, country leaders and billionaires, private jets are held in high esteem by those who are fascinated by the ritzy side of society.

Private jets are a first class way to travel!
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Although nearly everyone knows what a private jet is, few people have ever had the opportunity to travel on one. Hence, few people know some of the interesting facts about private jets and the perks that they actually offer those on board.

• A new Gulfstream G550 is priced 59.9 million US Dollars and is considered as the most expensive private jet in the world. British billionaire Sir Philip Green is one of the proud owners of the G550.

• The interior of many private jets resembles a living room more than a plane. Many private jets have full-floor carpets and comfy leather couches.

• If you are planning to travel long distances in a private jet you are in luck! Most of them have several rooms, including bedrooms with cozy beds to stretch out on. That’s a much nicer way to travel than being crammed into a coach-class seat on a regular plane!

• Many private jets also have big screen TVs and state of the art entertainment systems. Hence, even on long flights, passengers are unlikely to get very bored.

• Some private jets also have large dining areas. Expensive meals like steak and lobster can be served on such flights.

• A lot of private jets have extensive room so passengers have the option of getting up and walking around quite often. This is an extremely useful feature, especially on very long expeditions.

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