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Facts about October

October is the tenth month of the year. It has 31 days and its birthstone is the milky white fire opal. People who are born between October 1st and 23rd fall under the zodiac sign Libra (the Scales) while people who are born between October 24th and October 31st are listed as Scorpio (the Scorpion).

October is the month for Octoberfest, pumpkins, and Halloween costumes.
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images
Trees are especially colorful in October.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The Anglo-Saxon’s called October “Winterfylleth” which meant “fullness.” The Welsh word for October is similar, “Hydref,” and it is a word that was traditionally used to describe the act of lowering cattle from one part of a hill to a lower area—possibly to protect them from dropping temperatures that would affect higher ground first.

In most countries north of the equator, October is an autumn month that welcomes cooler weather, especially in Europe, Asia and North America. It is also a time when the leaves on trees start to change colors and woods can be brightened spectacularly by red, orange and yellow hues. October is a popular month for fishing, hiking and camping out.

In Germany, October is the time for “Oktoberfest,” an event that involves a lot of beer drinking and sausage eating. Although Oktoberfest is a German event, large German populations in other countries (like the United States) have resulted in such festivities being celebrated worldwide.

Yet October is most famous for Halloween which is celebrated on October 31st. Halloween is most popular in America where children dress up in costumes and go “trick or treating” which involves knocking on neighbor’s doors and collecting candy. Even adults can get into the spirit of Halloween by marching in parades like the famous one held in New York City every Halloween night. If you walk around a neighborhood or stores in October you are very likely to see decorations with images of witches, ghosts, vampires and mummies on them!

Additionally, October is National Cookie Month, National Dessert Month and National Pizza Month!

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