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Facts about mascara

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Makeup is an essential part of life for most women. What once was a luxury reserved only for the very rich or a theatrical bit of costuming for theaters, is now a multi-billion dollar industry filled with products that women use on a daily basis. Of all the kinds of makeup, mascara is the one that most women consider to be the most essential way to make their face more attractive.

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Mascara is a liquid that, when applied to the eyelashes, makes one’s eyes seem bigger, wider and more attractive. Mascara usually comes in black or brown and it can be messy to apply so it takes some practice. That said, when put on right mascara can really bring out a person’s eyes so it is a favorite amongst makeup enthusiasts.

Like nearly all makeups on the market, mascara comes in a variety of brands and some are very expensive and high end while others can be purchased fairly cheaply in drug stores. Waterproof mascara (which is quite long lasting) is usually cited as being a favorite choice.

Below are some facts about mascara:

• Mascara is a liquid and so it can get clumpy. Experts claim it should be replaced every three months and it will rarely last a year.

• In the 1830s French perfume maker and cosmetics inventor Eugéne Rimmel created the first mascara. His invention became so popular that until this day, the term “rimmel” translates to the word “mascara” in several languages, including French, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, and Arabic.

• A lot of mascaras are made with an ingredient named “guanine.” The color is derived from fish scales which are what gives mascara its shine.

• In 1938, waterproof mascara hit shelves and it was the first cosmetic to ever be waterproofed. Unfortunately, it was 50% turpentine and it took several decades for a better alternative to appear.