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Facts about March

March is strongly associated with Saint Patrick's Day which falls on the 17th.
March is strongly associated with Saint Patrick's Day which falls on the 17th.
Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

March is the third month in the year. It has 31 days and its birthstone is the light blue aquamarine. People who are born between March 1st and 20th are listed under the zodiac sign Pisces (the Fish) while those born between March 21st and 31st are considered to be Aries (the Ram).

March is the month when winter turns to spring and flowers and plants start to bloom.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

March is named after Mars, who was the Roman god of war. It is believed that the Roman battle season usually began in the spring so this association makes sense considering that March 20st is traditionally considered the “first day of spring” (although it can also fall on March 19th or 21st). However, in Old English, March was called “Hlya” or “Lide” which meant “loud.” This was probably a reference to the loud March winds that were heard across the British isles.

March I also notable for being the month that contains the Irish holiday called Saint Patrick’s Day. Although Saint Patrick was an Irish Saint and the holiday is mostly an Irish affair, it is currently celebrated all over the world, especially in America. For example, New York City puts on a legendary parade while Chicago dyes a river green. However, it is Dublin that has one of the greatest Saint Patrick’s Day parades in the world to mark the occasion which occurs every March 17th.

Although most famous for Saint Patrick’s Day, March is also “Red Cross Month” and “Women’s History Month.” March is also associated with being the “Fire Prevention Month” and “Nutrition Awareness Month.” Occasionally, Easter Sunday will occur in March (but it is much more likely to be celebrated in April).

March is also known as the month when the winter leaves and spring returns. Although March can sometimes be very cold and perhaps even snowy, it can also be mild and warm which makes it the most unpredictable month from the perspective of weather. March is also the time when the days start to get longer (aka the sun stays out later) and animals—like bears—start to wake up from hibernation.

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