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Facts about June

June is a lovely month to take a walk in the woods.
June is a lovely month to take a walk in the woods.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

June is the six month of the year. June has 30 days and its birthstone is the white pearl—the only birthstone that comes from the ocean and not from under the ground. However, June birthstones can also be listed as alexandrite, and moonstone making June an especially bejeweled month! People who are born between June 1st and June 21st are considered to fall under the zodiac sign of Gemini (the Twins) while anyone born between June 22nd and June 30th is regarded as being “Cancer” (the Crab).

June is a good month for outdoor events like car shows and picnics.
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

June is known as being a nice month for weather—although it can occasionally get extremely hot towards the latter half. June is a time of flowers and walks in the park and abundant sunshine. It is a popular month for weddings and outdoor concerts and graduations. June is also the month that American’s celebrate Father’s Day which is a celebration of all that father’s do for their children. Every four years the World Cup football (“soccer” to Americans) tournament is held. It begins in June and ends in July. Baseball season also runs through June.

In North American June is typically the time that Americans start flocking to pools and beaches to escape from the heat. The official first day of Summer usually falls on or around June 21st and most lifeguards are posted on beach duty several weeks before that date. Sun tan lotion and sun glasses are a must in the hot June heat which is gearing up for the much hotter months of July and August.

Although June is most well-known for the official start of summer and Father’s Day, it is also “National Candy Month,” “National Ice Tea Month,” “National Dairy Month” and June 5th is regarded as “World Environment Day.” Unsurprisingly, June is also the month that has many beach clean ups and horticultural events that are meant to help straighten up the environment before summer gets into full swing.

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