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Facts about Ireland: Best books on Celtic mythology (gods, goddesses, heroes)

Intro: If you're planning on visiting Ireland around St. Patrick's Day, you'll want to brush up on your gods and goddesses of Celtic mythology. Fortunately, many books are available that will help you delve deeper into this aspect of Irish culture. These books about the monsters and myths of the Emerald Isle will enchant you and prepare you for when you arrive in the land of the Blarney Stone and fairy mounds. Magic definitely awaits you!

Celtic Myths and Legends by  Peter Berresford Ellis

The Best Books on Celtic Mythology

Celtic Myths and Legends

This book is not only chock full of interesting facts about Ireland, it covers celtic mythology all over Europe. You'll like reading about how the Celts lived in places like Scotland and the Isle of Man as well as in Ireland.

This book will entice you as you learn about celtic warriors, the druids, and the faerie folk. Of special interest is the tale of King Arthur, one of the true heroes of celtic mythology.

Early Irish Myths and Sagas

This book on Celtic mythology gives you the long perspective on the famous stories of Ireland. You'll delve into the legends and history that eventually became a part of Irish mythology.

You'll learn about Cu Chulaind, one of the great heroes of Irish/ celtic mythology as well as understand the influence of celtic mythology. The world is indebted to these myths; they influenced the likes of Joyce and Yeats and remain a vibrant part of Irish cultural heritage today.

Favourite Irish Legends in Irish and English: A Dual Language Book

You'll definitely want to get a hold of this book if you are planning on visiting Ireland. Not only do you get a good look at the monsters and myths and gods and goddesses of Irish mythology, it's a dual language book. It's in Irish and English. It's a great way to kill two birds with one stone before you head over to Ireland around St. Patrick's Day.

Along these lines, you might also find these books helpful:

The Guises of the Morrigan - The Irish Goddess of Sex & Battle

Of all the gods and goddesses of Ireland, the Morrighan ranks as arguably the most powerful among them. She is known as the celtic goddess of sex and of battle. This faerie queen is the goddess of earth and raven.

It's one of the few books about celtic mythology devoted solely to her. It contains some controversial ideas, making it interesting and informative. It definitely provides with a look the myths of Ireland. You definitely want to learn these facts about Ireland and its cultural history before heading off to the Emerald Isle.

This article is the first in a series that I'm doing about books about Ireland and Irish mythology. It's intended to help you better prepare for your trip to the Emerald Isle so that you can enjoy your stay more fully.

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