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Facts about Ireland: About Malahide Castle, one of Ireland's haunted castles

Intro: If you're gathering your facts about Ireland, because you'd like to take a trip there during St. Patrick's Day or sometime in the near future, you'll definitely want to learn about Malahide Castle. It counts as one of the most famous of the haunted castles in Ireland. And spending an afternoon exploring its 800 year history could definitely be fun, a little bit scary and an interesting to boot.

Modern and Ancient Tourist Attractions in Ireland

Although musical artists like Pink and Eric Clapton have performed at Malahide Castle on its concert grounds, this area just counts for a small portion of the landscape surrounding this haunted Irish castle.

The castle and gardens consists of 250 acres of land that resides in the town of Malahide just outside of Dublin. It is one of Ireland's oldest castles, although a recent restoration job has made it quite the place to visit.

Among the most interesting facts about Ireland or more specifically about this Irish castle is that until 1973, it was inhabited by one family, the Talbots.

They took up residence in Malahide Castle in 1185. The Talbots continued to live in the castle for the next 800 years.

Don't Miss This Haunted Irish Castle When You Tour Ireland

It's definitely a place to mark if you're building a file of Ireland castle tours. It's furnished with period furniture and the enviable collection of Irish portraits is one of the highlights of the tour.

The castle is reputed to have five resident ghosts, but the most interesting ghost in Malahide Castle is Puck, the former court jester. He fell in love with a prisoner -- Lady Elenora Fitzgerald -- sent to Malahide Castle by none other than King Henry VIII.

Puck was the person assigned to watch her and as all good haunted castles stories go, he fell in love with his charge.

The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga

This didn't bode well with the powers-that-be -- mainly the Talbots, who were concerned about the love affair inciting war with the King of England. The court jester was found stabbed outside the walls of Malahide Castle, although there was a rumor that he had killed himself.

Ireland Castle Tours: Visiting Malahide Castle

If you're interested in learning more about this and other facts about Ireland, head over to the Visit Dublin website.

The website provides information about tours of this haunted Irish castle are there along with current admission prices.

Visitors to Ireland can see the castle grounds and the courtyard either by a guided tour or an audio tour of Malahide Castle.

Inside the castle walls is in exhibit about the castle's history as well as an education/ conference room for school tours.

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