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Facts about Henri Matisse

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Henri Matisse was an abstract artist who was known for his use of bright colors and collage techniques. Henri Matisse was born on December 31, 1869, in France. Henri Matisse was the eldest son of a prosperous grain merchant. In 1887 he went to Paris to study law and started painting in 1889 after his mother brought him art supplies while he was recovering from an attack of appendicitis. By 1891, he had turned to art as a profession. Henri Matisse was known primarily as a painter but he was also a printmaker and a sculptor. He is generally regarded as being one of the most influential artists of all time and one of the founding fathers of the abstract art movement. Henri Matisse died in France on November 3, 1954. He was 84 years old. Although Henri Matisse is gone his work continues to bring joy to many people.

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Below are some facts about Henri Matisse:

• Henry Matisse met Pablo Picasso around 1906. Although Picasso was 11 years younger than him, the two artists became lifelong friends who had a running artistic rivalry between them.

• Henri Matisse often took inspiration from nature.

• Henri Matisse has a daughter named Marguerite in 1894 with a model named Caroline Joblau. In 1898 he married Amélie Noellie Parayre and they raised Marguerite together and had two sons, Jean (born 1899) and Pierre (born 1900). Marguerite and Amélie often served as models for him.

• Between 1912 and 1913, Henri Matisse spent seven months in Morocco. This trip resulted in the creation of 24 paintings and many drawings.

• During his later years, Henri Matisse focused most of his artistic attention on creating colorful paper collages. These works are now among his most well-known, beloved and highly valued pieces.