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Facts about Father’s Day

Father's Day signs.
Father's Day signs.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Father’s make a huge impact on their children’s lives and the holiday of Father’s Day is intended to symbolically thank fathers for all that they do. Each June, Father’s Day comes to the United States and, with it, many ideas for events to attend with Dad as well as traditions such as giving greeting cards and gifts to Dads. Although Father’s Day is a hugely popular holiday, there are many interesting facts about it that are largely unknown. Below is a list of some interesting information related to Father’s Day:

Advertisers have long-since gotten into the spirit of Father's Day!
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

• Father’s Day is the fourth-largest card-sending occasion (approximately 87 million cards are sold each year)

• 50% of all Father’s Day cards are purchased for fathers; about 15% percent are given to husbands.

• Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, is credited with starting Father’s Day. She got the idea to start the holiday after she heard a sermon on Mother’s Day.

• In 1910 Spokane celebrated the first Father’s Day on June 19.

• In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed that Father’s Day was an official American holiday.

• In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a permanent U.S. Father’s Day into law. The bill stated that Father’s Day is to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Happy Father’s Day!

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