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Facts about eye shadow

Eye shadow is used in runway shows to add visual appeal to the already outlandish outfits.
Eye shadow is used in runway shows to add visual appeal to the already outlandish outfits.
Photo by Andreas Rentz

Makeup is an essential part of life for most women. What once was a luxury reserved only for the very rich or a theatrical bit of costuming for theaters, is now a multi-billion dollar industry filled with products that women use on a daily basis. Of all the kinds of makeup, eye shadow is arguably the most diverse.

Eye shadow can add to bold looks.
Photo by Peter Michael Dills

Eye shadow comes in an extremely wide array of colors. Some eye shadows are skin toned and so subtle that it’s hard to tell that they are even being worn. Meanwhile, other eye shadows come in bold colors—like blue, green and even yellow—and can be mixed and blended to create wearable artistic imagery. Most eye shadow colors are recommended based on a person’s eye color, but they can also be matched to clothes and outfits.

Eye shadows, like most makeups, come in a wide range of brands and prices. Some eye shadows are very high end and can cost upwards of $80 per shade. Meanwhile, drug store brands frequently sell “quads” of four colors for less than $3. Eye shadows are so versatile that YouTube has a lively makeup community that showcases tutorials of how to create various looks using numerous hues of eye shadow.

Below are some facts about eye shadow:

• The Ancient Egyptians were the first people who were known to have worn eye shadow. Cleopatra used a substance called “kohl” above her eyes and it was made out of copper, almonds and lead.

• The Ancient Greeks also wore eye shadow and they made their out of precious stones called malachite.

• In Japan, eye shadow was originally made out of crushed flower petals, rice flour an d even bird droppings!

• Modern day eye shadow contains micah which is actually a powder form of metal. Micah makes shadows shimmery so the sparkler it is then the more micah it contains.

• Eye shadow can last a long time. Experts claim that it should be replaced every two years but it actually remains applicable for several years after purchase.

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