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Facts about butterflies

Images of Butterflies
Images of Butterflies
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Butterflies are colorful flying insects with large and usually fantastically colorful wings. Butterflies are extremely popular and beloved among humans due to the exquisite colors and patterns on their four wings. There are over 20,000 different species of butterflies and most of them look drastically different from one another. For instance, the famous Monarch Butterfly is vibrant orange and black while the Blue Morpho is such an intense shade of blue that it reflects indigo! Butterflies also range in size—some are as small as the tinier types of moths while others are as large as a human fist. Although butterflies look drastically different, all species have certain things in common. For instance, all butterflies hatch from eggs and begin life as caterpillars—crawling, ground-dwelling, flightless creatures that resemble worms. All caterpillars morph into butterflies and all butterflies eat nectar from flowers. They are welcome visitors in gardens and also frequently appear in merchandising and as characters in children’s stories.

Monarch butterflies are among the most well known species of butterfly.
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

Below is a list of facts about butterflies:

• Butterflies tend to live between a week and a year, depending on their species.

• Most butterflies feed primarily on nectar which they take from flowers. Thus, gardens and meadows are excellent places to spot butterflies.

• Butterflies usually come out in the spring and summer; they rarely do well in the cold.

• Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet.

• Every year Monarch butterflies travel nearly 250 miles to lay eggs. They are known for this famous yearly migration and some people even take trips to see it (California is one place where the butterflies can be spotted on their journey).

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