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Facts about April

April is the month when Easter usually falls.
April is the month when Easter usually falls.
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April is the fourth month of the year. April has 30 days and its birthstone is the clear/classic diamond. People who are born between April 1st and 20th fall under the zodiac sign Aries (the Ram) while people born between April 21st and 30th are regarded as Taurus (the Bull). April is regarded as being the first truly “spring” month (although spring technically begins in March) and it is a regaled time for flowers and the blooming of new life. Many animals have babies during April so farms are full of little sheep, cows, goats, pigs, ducks, geese, chickens and more. April is also regarded as a time of “spring cleaning” where people are encouraged to clear out the winter’s clutter from their homes and spend more time enjoying the great outdoors.

Easter usually occurs in April.
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April is well known for being the month that usually contains Easter (although occasionally Easter will fall early in March). For this reason, many homes and shops in April are decorated with images of bunnies, baskets, and painted eggs. In the united States, Easter is one of the best months for chocolate sales. Since Easter is regarded as being the time of blooming and rebirth, it is frequently associated with babies and so pastel colors are en vogue every spring.

April is also associated with “April Fools’ Day,” a holiday that occurs on the 1st of April where people try to play pranks on other people. The term “April fool” is known to have been used in England as far back as 1693 and many European nations (such as Belgium, France and Italy) also celebrate a form of April Fools.

April is also the month that contains “Earth Day” and it is “Global Child Nutrition Month.” In Thailand the traditional New Year occurs in April and the same can be said for Cambodia. “April” is also a very popular name for a girl making it (along with May and June) one of the few months that serves as an acceptable first name.

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