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Facts about Alexander Calder

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Alexander Calder was an American abstract artist and sculptor who became especially famous for his hanging mobiles. Alexander Calder was born on July 22, 1898 in Pennsylvania where, during his childhood, he went to school and trained as an artist. In 1927 he got his first solo show. Alexander Calder’s work was very unique, playful and visually striking so he rose to prominence in the art world relatively quickly. Alexander Calder died unexpectedly on November 11, 1976. He was 78 years old. Although Alexander Calder has passed on his work remains enjoyable to people all over the world until this day.

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Below are a few facts about Alexander Calder:

• One of Alexander Calder’s most famous works is a collection of wire sculptures that, when put together, form a circus.
• Alexander Calder’s father, Stirling Calder, was a sculptor too.

• In 1915 Alexander Calder attended college. He earned a mechanical engineering degree in 1919.

• For years after his college graduation, Alexander Calder worked in the engineering field as a hydraulic engineer and a draughtsman for the New York Edison Company.

• Alexander Calder moved to Paris in 1926. While there he met and befriended many other avant-garde artists such as Joan Miro and Marcel Duchamp.

• In June of 1929 Alexander Calder traveled by boat from Paris to New York. While on the ship he met his future wife, Louisa James. They were married in 1931 and had two daughters.

• In 1955, Alexander Calder and his wife traveled around India for three months. The trip resulted in Calder being inspired to create nine sculptures and several pieces of jewelry.

• In 1966 Alexander Calder published a book titled: Autobiography with Pictures. His son-in-law, Jean Davidson, helped him achieve this goal.

• Alexander Calder’s work has appeared in many public places including as the paint pattern on airplanes!