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Fact or Fiction: Is Wine Really as Good as They Say?

Fact or Fiction: Is wine Really as good as they say? This a question that many people ponder when they consider the consumption of rum, whiskey, or beer over red wine. Red wine has a better reputation although it is all considered alcohol.

Is red wine healthy?

It is almost as if there is a class system for alcohol. Red wine has always been thought of as being healthy for the heart and circulatory system. There are antioxidants in red wines which help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of cholesterol. This protects against artery damage.

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It appears that red wine has more heart-healthy benefits than beer or whiskey. However, there have been debates surrounding the alcohol topic of which alcohol is "good for health". It is possible that red wine isn't any better than other forms of alcohol. .

In theory the antioxidants or polyphenols in red wine help protect the lining of blood vessels in the heart. Resveratrol is a key ingredient in red wine that helps prevent damage to blood vessels. It is said to also prevents blood clots.

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A lot of research on resveratrol has been performed on rodents and not on humans. The research was performed on mice that were given resveratrol. It concludes that the antioxidant may protect against obesity and diabetes.

In order for a human to receive the same results as the testing on mice, they would have to drink over 60 liters of red wine every day. Is Wine Really as Good as They Say? The debate continues.........

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