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Fact or Fiction: Are men afraid of Commitment?

Women in their 20’s often ask this question: Is he really afraid of commitment? Will he commit to me if I wait?

Is he afraid of commitment or what is associated with commitment?
Photo by Rich Polk

Here are some answers for you. Men are not afraid of commitment at all. In fact, they crave commitment just as much as women. Men are afraid of what is associated with commitment.

In the mind of men, commitment often is connected with losing some type of freedom, sexual variety and being able to do whatever they want, whenever. Yes, that could be lounging on the couch playing videos all day long. Sometimes guys just want space and time to themselves. It is normal.

Lucky for us women, we have full control over whether a man will commit to us or not. Yes, read that sentence again. The key to getting a man to commit to you is to live your life. Do not come across needy or desperate to have him claim you. By pressuring him to commit to you, you’ll terrify him about the idea of being with you.

You want him to feel like his life will be better with you in it than without you. The best way to do that is to keep your dating fun and exciting for the both of you.

You do not have to be the most beautiful woman in the world to get the man of your dreams. Men may sleep with women for their looks, but they will never fall in love with a woman simply over looks ( only shallow, unworthy men would think to do so).

Men want just as much affection in a relationship as women. Do not let them fool you. The difference is that men take a more physical approach to affection than women. You can help his self-esteem soar simply from accepting him physically. It makes him feel like a man.

He needs to feel like he earned your love and affection. He cannot feel that you desperately want him and only him. When you make him feel like you are dying to be with him, you will give him the impression any man could earn you.

Make him know he has to put in the work to be part of your already amazing life. This will inspire him to commit to you. For more information, follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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