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Facing facts



  • Robert 5 years ago

    We have known for years that none of the anti-gunner's statements bore any resemblance to the truth. They make outrageous claims and statements without a shred of evidence hoping to panic the public into supporting them. When that fails they pull every underhanded trick they can to pass laws to support their agenda. Crooked politicians go along because an unarmed public is an easy public to control and even easier to take rights away from. For too long the majority has let the minority rule. Arizona just lost key parts of a valid immigration law and it is time for the public to stand up and tell the courts to start getting it right or face public impeachment. And impeach any politician who will not obey the majority in his district. America needs to get mad and show the government that the days of lies,ignoring the public, and refusing the will of the people is over. Use the vote but keep the other options open. America was built by men/women will to fight for their rights.

  • Robert 5 years ago

    As for business people not responding why not post their names and locations on a website linked to your siteand ask people if they want to risk their health and safety by shopping at a business that will outlaw you protecting yourself but not provide protection and guarantees that you will be safe while in their business? simply indicate these people have refused to respond and by doing so they are not will to say whether you cna carry in their store if legally allowed to carry that they will provide the above. Can you risk your family's safety on someone who will not state a position? And list those that will allow you to carry were legally allowed to and encourage people to shop there whenever possible.

  • FrankInFL 5 years ago

    Dan, your sister is clearly a person of great faith. Remind her what Mark Twain said: "Faith is a wonderful thing, but it's skepticism that does all the work."

  • cambeul41 5 years ago

    Your letter for engaging business owners who prohibit guns in their establishments sounds very interesting.

    I really should download your materials for my own reference and for use if I ever see such a prohibition. However, in six years of CCW, I have never seen such a prohibition in South-East Michigan.

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