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Facine and Jenkins pair up for tag team title

Clyde Jenkins scheduled to fight for the Welterweight Tag Team Title Sept. 10th.
Clyde Jenkins scheduled to fight for the Welterweight Tag Team Title Sept. 10th.
C. Jenkins

Marques Facine and Clyde Jenkins will test their mettle for the World Tag Team Welterweight Title, Sept 10th, against two of Greatland’s top fighters, Cody Rice and Derek Chalifour.

Jason Hutchings, lead organizer for Tag Team MMA’s 3rd event, spoke about the fight that will surely be a crowd pleaser. “Another big match will see Rice and Chalifour vs. Facine and Jenkins for the Welterweight Tag Team Title. I think this may be the fight of the year. Four great stand-up guys with great cardio. The combination of match-ups in this fight will be amazing.”

I asked Jason about Facine and Jenkins’ chances against team Greatland. “I liked both guys the first time I watched them fight. They both have a great will to win, great skills and an exciting style of fighting. Either team will make for great champions. Cody Rice told me that he has several teammates at different weights, including Waalkes, and that he wants every Tag Team Title in the state.”

Marques Facine said his training “has been going great” and that he was “ready to get back in the ring.” Concerning his team’s chances he said, “We will be champs. I think they’re very good opponents but I feel we will come out with the victory. Clyde can handle himself and he most likely could take both of them out. I hope he let's me get some.”

His partner Clyde said he was “very excited!” to be back in the ring. “I had a lot of recovery time and will be able to do things I couldn't do before. I don't know a great deal about my opponents but I know they wouldn't be here if they didn't deserve to be. What I do know is their hearts will be tested. I think Marcus has come a long way and so have I.”

Jason Hutchings spoke how competitive this match-up will be. “Clyde is one-hundred percent healthy for the first time in a long time. He had plenty of time to train and is very confident. Facine is always tough to beat and really wants this belt. Cody Rice and Derek are both very tough and exciting. This will be the first Tag Team MMA title fight in the world using standard MMA rules with the ability to switch out a teammate. It could go either way, depending on how the cards fall, but it will go down in history and it will be a great fight!”

*Tag Team MMA III, Sept 10th, at the AT&T Center, Old Seward and O’Malley, 7:30 pm. Tickets available at:


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