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Facial peels for sun-damage, melasma, rosacea, acne, and more.

great for pigmentation
great for pigmentation

Do you have uneven skin tone due to sun-damage, hormonal changes, acne, or rosacea? Facial peels might be for you. Newer forms of peeling agents have been formulated over the last several years and continue to change treatment options for all kinds of skin issues and irregularities. Traditional chemical peels of the past are very painful, cause swelling, significant redness, chance of infection and considerable down-time. The newer peels offer great results with only a few days of some dryness, possible peeling, and possible pinkness revealing fresh vibrant skin in only a few days. What makes the new peels different is that skin care companies are utilizing several different peeling agents in one peel and adjusting concentrations so they produce results without all the irritation and down-time. Facial peels are a wonderful for the skin. Taking good care of your skin using skin care, sun-screen, and receiving regular skin care treatments is essential; however for anti –aging peels are highly recommended. Peels will produce results that skin care products alone cannot. There are a variety of peeling agents for various concerns including acne, and even rosacea. To decide if you are a candidate for a peel a consultation should always be scheduled to discuss your skin care concerns. Note all peels are not created equal so make sure you find out exactly what peel is being recommended and seek a medical spa, physician office, or dermatologist that specializes in various peels. Michigan Advanced Aesthetics in Michigan, a premiere location for facial peels, offers a variety of peels for all skin types. For more information visit the link below.

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