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FaceSubtitution: the app that completely alters your face on webcam

Photo credit: Fstopper
Photo credit: FstopperPhoto credit: Fstopper

Usually webcam ensures the authentic identity of a person, but with the new app FaceSubtitution, users can completely after their face and take on a new identity. Created by Norwegian app developer Audun Mathias Øygard, FaceSubstitution is a tech demo that allows users to use their webcams to try on another person’s face. The app currently includes 17 different “faces”, which feature celebrities like Bryan Cranston from “Breaking Bad” or Nicolas Cage to cartoon masks like “Picasso” or Abstract”.

The app functions on WebGL and ClmTracker, a Javascript library designed for facial feature tracking. Since it is still in developmental stages, there are still occasional glitches which require further testing and research to perfect it. At the moment internet users can test out the tech demo with a Google Chrome browser and a webcam - simply open up a Chrome browser, enable your webcam and hit the start button to start morphing your face into different appearances. Experts also recommend an evenly and well lit room to produce the most ideal results.

While the purpose of this app is probably for entertainment purposes to send funny video clips to friends, some users can exploit it by purposely altering their facial images online to commit heinous crimes on the internet. In the past, seeing a person’s face on the webcam was a way to determine their true identity, but with this new facial morphing app available to the public, users will never be able to tell who they are really talking to on webcam. And when combined with a vocal changer software, anonymity online will be more powerful than ever.