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"Faces of Fashion" at the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica

Barry Lategan
Barry Lategan

The "Faces of Fashion" exhibit at the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica has been showing since October and will continue to be open through until March 7th, 2010 from Tuesday through Saturday.  This stunning exhibit features all the renowned photographers in fashion through the years including Irving Penn, William Klein, Louis Faurer, Douglas Kirkland, Eve Arnold, Horst, Hoyningen-Huene, Georges Dambier, Barry Lategan, and Jean Phillipe Charbonnier. 

Included in this stellar collection are many famous photos, such as Barry Lategan's famous photo that launched model, Twiggy's, career, as well as images of Coco Chanel shot by Douglas Kirkland.  See elegant photos of Ford models, vintage Balenciaga dresses, and black and white images featured in Elle and Vogue.  These iconic photographs have become widely recognized, not only within fashion circles but across all of pop culture. 

These rare and beautiful pieces on display helped each photographer create his or her own signature style, influencing designers, models, and the entire fashion sphere through Europe and America for many decades.  This is your chance to see these amazing pieces in person, right here in Los Angeles, and best of all, for free!

Event Details:

"Faces in Fashion", Peter Fetterman Gallery

Tuesday -Saturday, 11am -6pm

2525 Michigan Avenue #A7 , Santa Monica , 90404

Cross-streets: Cloverfield Blvd and 26th St

Phone: (310) 453-6463

Admission: Free!


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