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Facebook vs Twitter

facebook/twitter showdown!
facebook/twitter showdown!

A little over ten years ago, people were communicating through emails and instant messages. These were certainly great lines of communication but there was a limit to the amount of people you could connect with. You could only communicate with people you knew because you wouldn’t be able to retrieve other people's information. Fast forwarding to the present opens even more lines of communication. The two master ways to talk with others are Facebook and Twitter. Although these websites serve similar functions (i.e. stalking capabilities), their similarities are few and far between.

Facebook is multi-purpose mechanism that allows friends, family, and even colleagues to stay connected. You can update everyone on your whereabouts (both emotionally and physically) by using the status update. It can be used as an organizational tool for planning events such as birthday parties, work outings, and school and family reunions. Your profile can be used to talk about yourself and present photos of you and your friends so that others can get a feel for who you are. Facebook messenger, a relatively new feature, is very useful as a means to message your friends that are currently online. Since these tools are so functional, people start to rely on them. Some people come home and sign in and check what’s going on in the “world” and then sign off. Some go on 5 times a day and sign off within thirty seconds of being online just to feed their social networking addiction. However, some people can go online and just stay on there for hours at a time. During this time they feel the need to browse their friends and look at photos of them. These are people that you’ll never talk to again and only befriended them in order to look at their pictures. It’s apparently clear, that once you have become Facebook friends with someone that it is a lifetime connection with that person.

Twitter has become an even faster growing machine that allows people to blog about their feelings and daily activities. This site isn’t about making friends as much as it is following people. There is no permission necessary when it comes to following someone. There’s no limit to how many you can follow. Celebrities, friends, and businesses are all able to be followed which becomes a very useful marketing tool. People can access “tweets” from their phones so they can receive them at any time. If there are any last minute changes to a planned event, using Twitter will help get the word out and it get to those attending the event. Also, if you happen to be an up and coming performer, getting the word out about upcoming shows is a benefit of having a Twitter page.

Having access to both Facebook and Twitter allows an unlimited amount of publicity. With both of these websites being free to join, if anyone actually cares to keep up with your life, it’s easy. You wouldn’t want people wasting their time and money on things like this when there are so many more meaningful things to occupy your time. All in all, it’s important to realize that in today’s world, your life isn’t measured by your accomplishments but by how many friends and followers you have online.