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Facebook -vs- Google+

Here's a side by side view of what facebook and google+ look like.  The cartoon image is unknown who created it but it's one of the best I've seen and they deserve credit whomever they are.
Here's a side by side view of what facebook and google+ look like. The cartoon image is unknown who created it but it's one of the best I've seen and they deserve credit whomever they are.
Created by Wendy Spickerman

Lately it seems like more and more people are complaining about Facebook, teens don't like being on the same site as their parents and grandparents, people are being blocked from overuse of YouTube video ads, and some of the content is questionable.

Is Facebook loosing ground to Google+
Is Facebook loosing ground to Google+

Recently a profile had been reported to Facebook as showing nudity and pornography soon after a Facebook notification came through saying they did not feel it was a violation and was leaving it. However on Jan. 6, 2014 a new notification came in from Facebook saying they revised their decision. Indeed the material reported was a violation and Facebook's first reply was questionable due to the content of the material. For what reason the first notification came through there is no way of knowing but obviously someone wasn't doing their job and the situation was corrected.

Is this social media giant unable to hold their ground with Google+ on the rise? Are they so worried about staying ahead of the game that the content and safety issues of the site are in question?

When you look at the two platforms side by side you can see how they work very similar and what their differences are. Facebook's Home Page is riddled with sponsored ads on the right side and a breakdown of a members favorites, pages, groups, app on the left ; with their news feed in the middle. However even the news feed seems to be not the content a member wants to see anymore.

Google+ Home Page is set up in three columns which acts in a similar way as Facebook's news feed. there are no ads and no over crowding only a small sections at the top right corner of those you may wish to know. It's very simple and clean.

Facebook's Profile Page has a nice cover image, it's set about to share photos, status updates, videos, events and still more ads in the right column. Again most are not even what you wish to see. Google+ Profile also for sharing posts, video, photos and instead of ads again you see those you may want to know along with those in your circle (these are friends and those you network with).

So with the two social media sites being so similar how do you choose? It's really a matter of what you want your experience to be like. Recently a question was asked of users on BOTH sites. And this is what they had to say:

Working on my next article for the examiner... care to share why you choose Facebook? All comments will be added to my up coming article.

Kate Murray
Studio 271 Photography
Friendly. I have connected with people all over the world who appreciate the same things I do. fb is super-efficient to let people know about meetings auditions and upcoming shows and you can connect privately as well as publicly with the people you need to connect with.

Kimmy Van Kooten
I am a mom, a writer, poetess and artist...I initially joined Facebook to keep tabs on my children, but as fb changed over the years, I noticed my purposes also were changing, especially when the kids deleted me, or moved over to Instagram... LOL! Over the course of nine years on fb, I have been able to enhance my crafts to the next levels, sending scores of people from all walks of life to my author page, my websites, to purchase my art or books. I've met some wonderful mentors and friends through fb, too! I also reconnected with many old friends; as far back as elementary school. I have been inspired in so many different ways! I think the social connections via this cyber world is a new chapter in the modern books of psychology, humanities, human geography, religion, cultural expression, along with scores of other interactive avenues between the human race will be affected for all time to come. I love it!

Robert Gregory Browne
Authorpreneur a Braun Haus Media
I'm self-employed and Facebook is like the office water cooler...

Jeannie Faulkner Barber
Thank you, Wendy as a published author, fb is one of the most immediate, streamlined, facets of free marketing that is available for the 'masses' today. So I appreciate being able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Marc Fogleman
Project Manager at Niles Bolton Associates
I enjoy keeping in touch with people, especially those from my childhood, to share what we have experienced and accomplished in our lives, how the children I knew have each journeyed through life to adulthood.

Billiejo Bennett
I started Facebook to keep contact with friends & family. Also I help promote musicians & radio stations, movies, artists & things all over the world. I have met some fantastic people on Facebook.

Johnny Bennett|
It helps me keep up with distant family and friends in a manner that's convenient for me. I enjoy meeting new folks that are of a like manner of mind. And, I use it to learn things and find facts that I would have never encountered on my own.

Bob Dunbar
I use Facebook to promote my writing, as well as the work of friends and others.

Azriel St. Michael
I don't choose Facebook per say, it's just a matter of it being the predominately used social media site. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. But it does provide a platform for a large number of people to be introduced to artist and vice versa. It's become so large; the networking aspect of things that if you don't use Facebook you are losing a substantial audience that could otherwise be enjoying your music and videos. And it’s really cool being able to keep up on what your favorite artists are doing on a daily basis.

Jolynne Hudnell
I am mainly on Facebook to keep up with family and friends, though I try to do some networking with other writers as time permits.

Andrew Roth
It's a great way to communicate with the world. Like any tool & can be used positively or negatively.

Dianne Tchir
I choose Facebook to announce my new books or anthologies my poetry is part of because many Facebook friends that I have are interested in the same issues, topics, forms of writing that I am.

Joseph P. Bovenzi
Ah Facebook, it’s a love hate relationship! We were just talking in a production meeting the other night on how it will be nice to not have to rely on fb for marketing. FB is a great marketing tool however; some of the stuff that goes on with the fb platform can be annoying. Positives for fb - Finding old friends, I love this! As an author and local business owner fb is a tremendous marketing tool in my process. My books have sold all over the globe because of fb. FB also works as a prayer tool where many of us can join in group prayer within minutes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Negatives - We meet some weird people there, not everyone agrees on everything and that alone causes many problems, and in my opinion I think the number one negative about fb is people can easily misunderstand what someone is saying. Tons of unfriending has happened because of this. It’s here to stay and I need it. Thanks Wendy!!!

Jack Hrusoff
In an era where Hollywood seems to thrive on remakes as if to exhaust the limits of parody, or turning the studios into a hologram of its former self, social media survives as an authentic reality unto itself: the medium is outlived only by the immediacy with which one can convey experiences, ideas, and broader audiences.

Notes: More people were willing to respond to the question when asked in private message then just to post a comment under the question in the updated status. In each case I made it known that replies would be added into my upcoming article for the examiner, thus leaving me to believe that Facebook in filtering out more and more friend interaction and leaning more toward the underlying motivation that Facebook wants to push businesses towards paying to reach their followers and fans by diluting their ability to connect to those who've ‘Liked’ their brand-page organically which is having an input for all Facebook users.

Then I put the question to Google+ Users

Working on my next article for the examiner... care to share why you choose Google+? All comments will be added to my up coming article.

Dejan Kordoski
G+ is a wonderful place to share ideas and communicate with huge spectra of people and large communities on a global level. This is a base of intellectual exchange which can't be achieved on Facebook.

Kai Storm
G+ has helped me share my novels to more & more people every day; it's a great connection tool.

Lee Donel
Some of the comments on here prove that there's no difference between fb users and G+ users. There's room for both. Both are massively customizable so you've no need to see unwanted posts. Social media isn't the problem.

Nsic Doria
All my true friends are on Facebook, my virtual friends are here.

Kyle Castus
Young people on the whole want a site with other young people, not Facebook where grans and parents look at their every comment, the book of many faces is history for most young people...

Sophie Andrews
Each platform has its own merits but most definitely, Google+ is on the rise despite a slump after its launch some time back.

Kunal Verma
Hate the small text on fb. The UI is not easy. Another thing is the circles/peoples feature launched by G+. Which was later copied by fb but it still is pain to use it on fb. The pages on fb are too much admin centric and not the follower centric. If fb does have communities, it's still very difficult to understand how to post on them. Another thing, I remember once I wanted to share something with just one of my friend on fb, and it was like scrolling down and down to find him and choose him instead of making the post public.

Darren Lee
I was so annoyed with myself that as soon as I grabbed my phone the first thing I would do was to hit the Facebook icon. I've now moved it to the end page so it's not there when the screen comes on. It was more of a habit than actually enjoying the experience, for me it's just friends/family bragging about where they are, or moaning about something. Since I've moved the icon I rarely go on Facebook now. Google+ is a much more positive experience, and I've learnt so much more from here. Thank you G+

So whether you choose Facebook or Google+ it really comes down to each individual own needs and desires for social networking. Would Facebook calls 'friends' Google+ calls 'circles' both sites have groups you can join and share in discussions. However Google+ automatically adds hash tags to your status updates. Not sure if that's a reason to switch but it will be interesting to see how these two giants square off in the ring of 2014.

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