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Facebook users angered after video of stoned pit bull is posted

Thor on marijuana
Thor on marijuana
Screen shot ABC Nes

A video taken of a dazed and drooling pit bull at a Waterford Township, Mich., woman's home sparked outrage among numerous Facebook users who were concerned for the stoned dog's welfare, reported Saturday's ABC News 7.

Laura Milsee, owner of the three-year-old pit bull, named "Thor," admits that she made a mistake in uploading the video of Thor to Facebook; she explained why she did:

My boyfriend wasn't home. I couldn't Bluetooth the video to show him what he was doing,"

"So he said post it so I can see it. But by the time I posted it, people shared it."

According to Milsee, Thor was not intentionally given the marijuana - he got into a $20 stash while she was not at home. Milsee came under fire because she can be heard laughing in the video - she explained:

Because I laughed at the end, people are taking it as though I'm cruel him. I'm not,"

"It was late. I had spoke to one of my girlfriends who is an animal advocate and she said to keep giving him water and bread."

Thor was taken to a veterinarian after consuming the bag of weed...despite looking exceptionally "out of it" after what was described as a chance encounter, he is doing fine. Milsee insists that she loves her dog, as well as all of her other animals - and she is adamant that she takes good care of them.

Though Thor has recovered, animal control is said to be investigating the incident.

Watch the video which sparked the controversy at this link.

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