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Facebook unveils new home page design


Facebook usage has doubled in just a year from 200 million to 400 million members worldwide. As Facebook celebrates it’s sixth birthday, an announcement came from founder Mark Zuckerberg announcing a “facelift” of Facebook. According to his blog post, “To celebrate six years of Facebook and the 400 million people on the service, we're doing what we like doing most—building and launching products for people. Tonight we'll host a celebration at Facebook headquarters, and we'll release a handful of new things that will improve people's Facebook experience, including a couple that people have requested a lot. “

The actual implementation of the new design across the platform is unclear as only a small percentage of Facebook users actually received the design on the first day. This change seems to be focused on simplifying the user experience and page navigation. It also organizes the page a bit differently and places the most used features more prominently.

Here is the snapshot of the new Facebook Home Page design:

Facebook's New Home Page Design

Across the top menu you will find icons that indicate your notifications, messages, and friend requests. When a new notification or message is received you will see a red highlighted number indicating that you have new messages and how many are awaiting your review.

All of the navigation for your homepage and profile areas have moved to the top right of the screen. All of the privacy settings have been moved under the “Account” area drop down on the upper right. There is no longer a separate “Settings” area.

The left menu offers the user a more organized friend and newsfeed area to make it easier to find content from your friends. You can now access all messages, events, photos, friends, applications, games, pages, groups, notes and links in one place.

Instead of Top News and Live Feed in your status update area of all of your friends posts and activities on the platform are now filtered as Top News and Most Recent.

Facebook has spent months in testing and doing research to try and streamline and enhance the user experience. No doubt it will take time for users to adjust to the new platform, and from the looks of it, Facebook will continue to adjust the platform to attempt to make the experience better for it’s users.


  • Sandra Coso 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this recap! How cool is that Facebook has 400 million users already! Wow! Looking forward to more of your articles Kathryn.

  • Cindy Ratzlaff | Brand New Brand You 5 years ago

    Thanks for this great brief on the new Facebook homepage design. It's a struggle, sometimes, to keep up with the pace of change in social sites and it's always helpful to have someone explain these changes quickly.

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