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Facebook turns ten years old with 1.23 billion users

Facebook turns ten years old
Facebook turns ten years old

According to ABC News on Feb. 4, Facebook is ten years old.

The world's largest social network was designed in a Harvard University dormitory room when its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was a sophomore. He designed it so his classmates and friends could keep in touch with their families. At that time it was called Now ten years later, Facebook has users who are not just college students but people all over the world.

Facebook by the numbers

According to research firm eMarketer, these are some of the numbers surrounding Facebook:

  • Thefacebook was created on Feb. 4, 2004.
  • Thefacebook reached 1 million users in Dec. 2004
  • The social network became Facebook in Sept. 2005.
  • Facebook has 1.23 billion users, or about one-sixth of world's population.
  • Facebook users have made 201.6 billion friend connections.
  • Facebook users have clicked the "like button" 3.4 trillion times.
  • Of the 1.23 billion users, 945 million use Facebook on mobile devices.
  • About 81 percent of Facebook users are outside the United States and Canada.
  • Facebook reached 500 million users in July 2010.
  • Facebook reached 1 billion users in October 2012.
  • Facebook is used by 71 percent of all online American adults.
  • Half of all adult users have more than 200 friends in their networks.
  • As of Dec. 31, 2013, Facebook employs 6,337 staff.

Are you one of Facebook's 1.23 billion users?

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