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Left-wing trolls launch vile attack on Iraq war veteran and triple amputee

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage lost his legs and right arm at the Balad Air Base in Iraq on Sept. 11 2004. The video of Brian's recovery process, posted today at his brand new website, shows stunning resilience in the face of such a horrific loss.

'Busta Troll' tells followers to harass Senior Airman Brian Kolfage
'Busta Troll' tells followers to harass Senior Airman Brian Kolfage
Facebook [screenshot]
Senior Airman Brian Kolfage

"Your life begins again. It becomes a new normal," he told AZCentral in 2012.

Kolfage was on the receiving end of some particularly vile comments on his Facebook page starting in October. The Iraqi war veteran exposed the perpetrators, who used fake aliases or hid behind hijacked accounts. In response, the self-described "trolls" led an intensive, coordinated effort against Airman Kolfage.

The bizarre campaign included the creation of at least a dozen Facebook pages attacking Airman Kolfage and his family (including his newborn baby). One of the fake pages included was sickeningly named "Fisting Airman Kolfage's Mother," and another was called "The ghost of Airman Kolfage's Lost Penis." Some of the pages have been removed, but some still exist, despite requests to have them removed.

Kolfage told the Examiner, "These people have what I call e-courage," he said.

One troll, using the alias "John Kimball," (the real John Kimball was not involved) left a message saying that he "raped" Kolfage's child and referred to the Iraqi vet as a "stupid fat limbless fagot." Other posts were too explicit to be repeated here, but included racist and similarly disgusting comments and memes about Kolfage and his family.

One of the organizers of the campaign against Kolfage was "Busta Troll." His antics, which include posting various photos of "goatz," were previously discussed at the Examiner. As one can see by a cursory review of the comments, some of the left-wing activists discovered the article.

Kolfage told the Examiner that the Facebook stalkers "are nothing more than a gang of bullies who think they can attack people just because they have different beliefs." What exactly are these people trying to accomplish?

The "trolls" do not merely disagree on political philosophies, they actively seek to shut down conservative Facebook pages, and have been successful on many occasions. The best course of action in dealing with these "trolls" is to report them to Facebook and otherwise ignore them completely.

Despite the abuse, Kolfage told the Examiner that these "trolls" do not represent all people with opposing viewpoints. He said that these "select few people" who act "tough behind a computer screen" are "ruining freedom."

Explaining further, he said that people who seek to silence their ideological opponents "are the epitome of the problem in America."

A post prominently displayed on his Facebook page advises people to "keep focused on the real issues that affect Americans..." He continued to wisely request that his followers "please from this point on refrain from getting involved in this drama, its only feeding the people looking for the attention."

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage was highlighted on Fox News' Mike Huckabee show last month. The segment discussed the horrific situation in Iraq, where hard-fought freedom in that country has dissipated since American troops were withdrawn.

Click on the video to watch the segment.

At the time of the writing, Facebook has not yet replied to requests for comment.

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