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Facebook to charge monthly fee? Not likely, not anytime soon anyway

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For the second time since December rumors have begun to spread that Facebook will charge users a monthly fee. However, all signs point to this being a hoax to generate traffic to a site full of viruses and other such nastiness.  (among others) has even felt the need to create a page aim at stopping the rumors. However, word has got out and it is hard to stop an internet rumor once it has been unleashed.

Any truth?
Of course, that doesn’t been there isn’t a kernel of truth in these rumors. In April 2009 Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg stated in BusinessWeek

“ We are not planning on charging a basic fee for our basic services.”

Basic services?
While Sandberg said Facebook will not charge a fee, the term “Basic services” has left many wondering if Facebook could create a premium membership that does cost to join. If so, what will the difference be? Will current users lose access to some features or does Facebook have something new up their sleeve they think people are willing to pay for?

Chances are that Facebook has nothing planned right now and the site will stay free. Of course, like any business they might want to make money in future and if they think charging a fee with make more money, they might do it. As for now it looks like Facebook is just happy racking in the millions from ad revenue.

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