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Facebook threats of violence

Facebook security
Facebook security
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In the present time the young generation is highly active on the social networking sites. 95% of the young adults of this generation are a part of some or the other social networking site. They make new friends and reconnect with long lost friends via these sites. But even in this friendly environment they are exposed to some dangerous evils that lurk right around the corner!

Out of so many social sites such as Twitter, WhatsApp, V Chat, Facebook, etc. let’s take the example of Facebook. Most of the young adults are daily visitors of Facebook and can easily boast of having a spectacular profile and as many as 500 friends, if not more! Now the problem is not having 500 friends. The problem is that an individual don’t always know all 500 of their friends. In their naive or careless thinking they tend to trust most everyone. It happens that situations become such that the individual doesn’t realize that he/she is making friends without thinking. Now many of the young adults do practice self-restraint and judicial thinking but they also slip sometimes when someone unknown, with exceptionally beautiful/handsome profile picture, sends them a sweetly phrased friend request. This unknown friend can create a number of problems for them. Rude messaging and spam being the least of them! In Facebook a person is privy to a lot of information regarding their friend’s profile, and there are sections in a Facebook profile where access cannot be denied to a friend. Now, a wrong person with a wrong intention can use this freely available information, or photo, for a wrong purpose.

So the responsibility to guard themselves against these dangers falls on the shoulders of the young adults only. They should guard their privacy and personal information as well as possible, and also be very careful while accepting any friend request on any social networking site because it is not always possible to know whether the person sending the friend request has their welfare at heart, irrespective of the fact whether they know the person or not. World is a ocean and we are fish therefore it is up to us how we tread on our path.

Be safe !! Be secure !!