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Facebook sued over private messages


Facebook has found itself faced with a lawsuit which asserts that the social media firm takes information from private messages for data which is then sold to third parties. Two Facebook users have filed the lawsuit claiming that Facebook scans private messages sent between users for information that could be sold to marketers and advertisers – with neither the consent of its users nor the proper disclosure given to its users, according to a CNN report on Friday.

Michael Hurley and Matthew Campbell filed the lawsuit against Facebook in a Northern California United States district court this past week. The two request that the suit be a class action suit. They also suggested that some 166 million Facebook users in the United States could join their lawsuit.

Hurley and Campbell assert that intercepting and using links included in private messages absolutely breaks the law by violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Additionally, it violates the California privacy and unfair competition laws, according to the report.

Facebook’s response includes its belief that the lawsuit is without merit. For the record, targeting a person for advertising purposes is part of Facebook’s business model.