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Facebook status game: 'I just won $7,000 on a scratch'

Don't fall for it!
Don't fall for it!
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

All across Facebook on March 27, you will see a lot of friends who have "just won $7,000 on a scratch ticket." If you comment on the post, you will immediately get a private Facebook message telling you that you have been fooled by this Facebook status game on behalf of Breast Cancer Awareness. You will be given several choices of status updates that you "must" post, and the least innocuous of them all is the scratch ticket post. You can see the other status options available and read more about the game here in this March 25 article on Gimme

Of course, many a good sport will participate in order to "help" the quest for breast cancer awareness. (I am not quite sure exactly how.) You may have seen these status games in the past: they often involve a trip to another country or something related to the color of your undergarments.

It might be something you want to think about before you post, though. If you are not in the position to feel comfortable participating, The Knoxville Social Media Examiner recommends a quick private note in reply saying that you don't "do" these, sprinkled with lots of "LOL's" and smiley faces. If you like, you can then quickly delete your comment. (This is done by clicking the small arrow to the right of the comment and choosing "delete.")

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