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Facebook sets the record straight in aftermath of pending lawsuit

Team No Hoes group facebook
Team No Hoes group facebook
WLWT5 News

The news of an Ohio woman’s medical records being posted on Facebook broke out all over the nation. WLWT5 news in Cincinnati covered the story as the woman took action to sue UC Medical Center for their employee’s misconduct.

The screenshot of her private health records were posted out on Facebook in a group known as “Team No Hoes”. Attorney Michael K Allen of MKA and Associates told WLWT5 news, “She was absolutely devastated. That is the most private of private medical information that was posted on Facebook and went out to a group on Facebook that had a huge dissemination.”

The young woman was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. Allen said the screen shot was followed by comments that described his client as a “hoe” and “slut”.

While taking a closer look at the story line to see what actions had been taken against those allegedly said to have posted the information, this statement was given by the CEO of UC Medical Center, “We are outraged that anyone might misuse a position with UC Health to attempt to embarrass or cause harm to another person.

The allegations in the recent lawsuit are isolated to the people named in the lawsuit, and by no means reflect the conduct of UC Medical Center associates, who are dedicated to serving thousands of people annually and safeguard the personal health information that has been entrusted to them.”

One employee has been fired though others were named. We here at examiner contacted Facebook about the incident. It seems Facebook has had many issues arise recently. One person received a citation in the mail over a Facebook post; another person was banned from ranting on Facebook by a judge and now this.

“While I understand Facebook cannot control the things people do or the consequences of their actions I wonder if some of these things could have been prevented being they fall under threatening, harassing and willful actions against others.” Journalist Wendy Spickerman

What type of actions can people take to protect themselves on Facebook from such events?

On June 6, 2014, a spokesperson from Facebook did get in touch with us but first some information needed to be cleared up. The name of the group in question, “Team No Hoes” we were informed that the legal filing suggested the information in question was shared in 2013, and the group in question did not exist at that point.

Apparently, groups can have very similar names therefore the exact link to the group was need for them to check for any violations that may have occurred on Facebook. We had to do a little more digging. Several sites were covering the story calling it a Facebook group with a link but the links led only to the original article, nothing was leading to the group itself until we did a google search of the name and member count of those in the group “2200 members”.

By providing Facebook with the new information the spokesperson at Facebook, confirmed the link we provided them with for the group was no longer active, “This group has already been removed for violating our Community Standards.”

They also were helpful in providing us with information on how users can better protect themselves. You can look over Facebook’s Community Standards and How to Report things to Facebook.

Just two clarify, what has happened here. The group “Team No Hoes” was not an existing group at the time of the alleged reported posting however, the correct group in violation of Facebook’s community standards has been removed. We want to thank Facebook for clearly that up and hopefully this has not caused to many issues for this group with the name similar to that of which action was taken against.