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Facebook's newspaper app named Paper

Facebook's new newspaper app is to be named 'Paper'. The Examiner received this video from the Wall Street Journal's "Digits" Jan. 31, 2014. Simon Constable is the main presenter/columnist with San Francisco columnist Reed Albergotti. Facebook itself put out the notice recently (see The Hacker News for Jan. 30, 2014) about Paper. If you wish to see the online "Digits" article by Reed Albergotti use this link. The Facebook notice gives a release date of Feb. 3, 2014 for the app.

Will Paper be more successful than Instagram?
Derivative work by George Koprowicz; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Examiner

Facebook's paper app appears to let you, the user, select the stories you want to see. Then it is up to you to arrange them - it's "customizable". Roll through the sections - these can be just about anything as in a print newspaper. You may even write your own content and add photos. Yes, it is possible to share your content. The stop-and-go demo/video for Paper makes you wonder why you don't have it - at least not until Feb. 3. You may even tweet about it and email the demo from the site page. Sorry, but Facebook doesn't reveal much more content than that.

Of course, Facebook's Paper app is meant to be sort of an "ideal utility" for your mobile device. Constable and Albergotti briefly discussed this utility aspect of it. The meaning is that the user will sort of get locked into using it - just like any utilities in your home or business. With "over 1.2 billion users" this could be giant news for the folks at Facebook. Will this mean that the digital age verb "googling" could become almost interchangeable with "papering"? Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook will probably hope so - Facebook being the second most popular website.

The other good non-app news for Facebook is that the stock shares are soaring - not tanking. At this writing it is just over $62. But there are unanswered questions - what will become of the content on Facebook's Paper app the day after "zero net neutrality"? Will that app essentially have a "paywall" on that day or just the content you are interested in browsing and or reading? With today's provocative news that Yahoo! email accounts have been hacked will the same hacking vulnerability be there with the new Facebook newspaper app Paper? The black hat and white hat hackers are sure to try and find that exploit.

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