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Facebook's new Feature

Just about everybody in the world has some sort of social media at their fingertips. On the Brightside you are not friends with every single one of them. You, for example would really be only to see the tip of the iceberg. A user would never see all the interesting things friends post. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr all have infinite scroll. Infinite scroll is a programming tool that allows the user to scroll on until they hit the end of a feed. Now most people have a good chuck of friends on these sites, so it would take hours, if not days to see every single possible thing. Tumblr is really good at keeping users glued to the screen to keep. If you happen to be one of those people who want to see everything on the news feed, you are just in luck.
Facebook has arrived with a solution to this problem. Facebook is now allowing users to store post to view at a later time. Now you will never miss a beat. When the user stores something, it is store neatly in a category to what the item that was store. A link for example may be store is a links folder. Separate from movies, and text post. The downside, now instead of scrolling endlessly at work, you will end up reading everything at the dinner table. The question is why store something? If it is news, or a movie or something, Google is available.

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