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Facebook privacy changes helps users share posts with friends first

Today May 22, 2014, Facebook has made changes to it privacy controls. The privacy controls "allows users to make it much easier to share with who you want."

Facebook makes new privacy changes
Tanya Rena' Jefferson

Facebook announces two privacy updates. First, people new to Facebook will now start with friends audience for posts. They will be rolling out a new and expanded Privacy Checkup for people already on Facebook as well.

People new to Facebook will start out with friends audience for their posts whereas before the default was public to most users. The update will also update to people who are already on Facebook. The privacy checkup will be expanded to make sure the posts you are posting are shared with people you want to share it with.

"This new tool is designed to help people make sure they are sharing with just the audience they want. Everything about how privacy works on Facebook remains the same."

These updates has given the users more control of who sees what. Just in case a user does forget to change their settings off of public, this new update will help that problem. The private posts you wanted to remain private will default to "friends" instead of "public".

Additional updates will be listed in "help center" then look on the right lower hand side under "Facebook and Privacy" in your Facebook account to give you more details of what privacy updates and changes that are in effect as well as what is yet to come.

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