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Facebook post gets woman a ticket; police suggest she was 'admitting her guilt'

Facebook post gets woman a police ticket for allegedly not having a dog park permit
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you don’t want to do the time, don’t post the crime on Facebook. Chicago-area resident Christine Adamski discovered recently that technology isn't always a great place to air out alleged moments of guilt and situations that could have the police write you a ticket. According to Yahoo Shine on Friday, the woman received a police citation in the mail because of a comment she wrote on Facebook about taking her dog to a park without the proper paperwork. Apparently she was responding to the situation of the area which was having an outbreak of whooping cough.

After seeing her post on social media, the Will County Forest Preserve District Police dropped her a note in the mail included an application for the permit, a ticket for $50, and a printout of Adamski’s Facebook post "admitting her guilt." The area requires dogs be up-to-date on their shots and get a permit, which is exactly the opposite of what was written.

Christine Adamski is now claiming, even after the post she placed on her personal Facebook, that she hadn't been to the park during the time in question. And she told the Chicago Tribune that she wouldn't be paying because the post was misread and misinterpreted. Apparently the cops realized that the situation wasn't accurate either and informed her that the ticket was rescinded.

So how did a law enforcement officer who patrols parks find the alleged admission of guilt online? It seems that Christine Adamski’s post to a Facebook dog group raised concerns by one of the members who forwarded it to proper channels. Then it was forwarded until one of the officers decided to write the ticket.

This isn't the first time social media has gotten people into trouble in regards to actions of their everyday lives. It’s obvious that people don’t realize that what they post online is seen by the world so illegal activities should not be written down. Especially if there is a chance that it could be forwarded to the police department. Then again, if people really are desperate to brag about breaking the law, maybe they do deserve a ticket.

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