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Facebook Paper app for iPhone promises much

Facebook’s new iPhone app called Paper is now yours to buy at Apple’s App Store. Going by what early birds say, if you are among the many who use the social network on an iPhone, this app could charm you.

Facebook Paper app

The app doesn’t come across as a specialized tool or a side project. Instead, the new creation is actually Facebook rethought for a small screen. The modern day aesthetics add charm to it.

According to a Time report, on February 3, this app is indeed the future of Facebook. You will be able to perform all you were able to in the standard Facebook app for iPhone with this new Paper too. What it has left out are lists, apps and events.

The new app presents Facebook in a much more cleaner space, compared to the huge emphasis on vertical scrolling in the Facebook we see today.

It has a large content panel on the top and smaller horizontally-scrolling ones at the bottom. The app also brings on to the iPhone screen big images and good fluid animation.

It also bring in gestures of the likes of the one where you can swipe the large panel to the left or right at the top to move from section to section.

You will also be able to pull down on a story and push it back to where it originally was. This one works cool with your gestures.

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