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Facebook page implies plot to shoot Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy

Facebook page implies plot to shoot Cliven Bundy
Facebook page implies plot to shoot Cliven Bundy
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Last Sunday, we reported that Facebook gave a "thumbs up" to a page called "Cliven Bundy Must Die" after a number of people reported it for threats of violence. In the last two days, the page seemed to ramp things up a notch when it announced the purchase of a gun and a planned trip to Nevada with the intent of finishing its "research."

"This page just purchased a gun among other trivial things today," the page said in a post on Friday. "Anyways on a side note, this pages work should be done in the next couple days."

"Second Amendment, Oorah!" the page owner added.

That post was followed up with another message on Saturday: "It is time, this page is on its way to Nevada to do a scientific case study."

Taken together, the messages would seem to imply a possible plot to shoot Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. At the very least, the messages indicate a desire to shoot the rancher at the center of a dispute with the Bureau of Land Management.

After federal agents withdrew from the ranch in April, liberals expressed anger that Bundy and his supporters were not taken out in an assault on the ranch. A number of leftists on Twitter then demanded feds attack the ranch with drones, killing everyone on site.

Last Saturday, a report emerged claiming Attorney General Eric Holder authorized a drone strike on the ranch. The strike never happened, but a number of Oath Keepers left the area, sparking outrage from those who remained.

Stewart Rhodes, leader of Oath Keepers, later said the planned drone strike was apparently "psyops" by the government.

"We got the phone call, a guy from Texas called up and said hey, I've got contacts in DOD who've called up and told me that Eric Holder, the AG, has given approval for a drone strike on the ranch, on the entire area, including the Bundys' own personal home," he said, according to a report posted at Gawker.

While the calls for deadly force have subsided somewhat, they still appear, no doubt fueled by far left-wing sites like the Daily Kos. At least two readers of the Daily Kos, for example, called for Bundy supporters to be taken out with drones.

"It's time the Feds stopped this insanity once and for all. Give them fair warning to disband and leave the area. If they refuse, they have decided to die for a deadbeat racist. If these nuts want to put their women on the front line, then blow them all away. Seize Bundy's assets and pay the million he owes to the taxpayers," one person said. "Rightwing nuts cannot be allowed to continue breaking laws, taking over highways and roads and setting up their own checkpoints. The world will be better off without them. Call in the drones!"

"Is it time to call in the 'DRONES,'" another person added.

The page, which started a week ago Friday, laughably claims it does not condone violence, and is involved in scientific research.

"This page exists only for the awareness of the scientific fact that Cliven Bundy Must Die," the page description says.

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